User interface design (UI)

User experience and interaction

A good UI is essential for a successful website. The stronger the user interface the better the user experience will be and the better the business will perform.

User interface design (UI)

User interface design / engineering in the context of websites, and Internet applications is the focus on the user’s experience and interaction with the system. The aim of a good user interface is to create an easy to use interaction which is simple and efficient. The goals of the website and more importantly the user should be carefully considered to encourage the fruitful relationship between customer and supplier.

Successful user interface design encourages users to finish the task at hand without unnecessary distractions. Our designers balance technical functionality and visual aesthetics to create a layouts that are operational, beautiful, usable and adaptable to different screen sizes. See responsive design.

User interface design requires a solid understanding of user needs. When we commence a new project we consider:

  • What would the user want the system to do?
  • How would the system fit in with the user’s normal workflow or daily activities?
  • How technically savvy is the user and what similar systems does the user already use?
  • What interface look & feel styles appeal to the user?

From these answers we create rules that the designers have to adhere to. Once designs are created they then become subject to usability testing. Once feedback has been considered and implemented the UI is ready for implementation.



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