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A highly creative and analytical approach to branding

Branding is more crucial for businesses than ever before, as this is how customers will perceive and remember your company. It must be well defined and designed to differentiate you positively from your competitors. It can establish a unique identity that resonates with your customers and communicate the business’ values, personality, and mission. If designed correctly your branding will help build trust and loyalty with your customers and, ultimately, business success.

To discuss your branding requirements please get in touch for a free consultation and obligation-free proposal. If you prefer a face-to-face meeting, our London-based business development executives will be delighted to welcome you to Xanda HQ in North London or meet you at your preferred location.


Beautifully designed logos, essential branding documents, and forensic branding research projects


Professionally designed corporate logo
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Pack


Logo + brand style guide
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Pack
  • Brand Style Guide

Brand Development

Enterprise-level brand development
  • Workshops
  • Market Research
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Pack
  • Brand Style Guide Document
  • Brand Bible
* Our consultants will prepare a bespoke proposal with accurate time and fees for your requirements.

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        Thanks for contact us! A member of our team will reach out to you shortly to discuss your project.


        In addition to our logo development service, we have two popular branding packages; our excellent Advanced Branding service and our forensic Brand Development Project.

        Advanced Branding

        Our advanced branding service includes a professionally designed logo and a Brand Guidelines Document. You will work closely with our friendly, London-based design team to design a branding package that will perfectly represent your business.


        After an initial consultation, Xanda will conduct a market research exercise to identify current brand trends in the industry. We will consider the target position in the market as well as the desired brand objectives in order to create a considered and meaningful set of brand assets.

        Xanda will design and deliver your approved logo in a vector format for general use and an additional hi-res jpg for your convenience.

        Brand Guidelines Document

        Once finalised, we will prepare a detailed Brand Guidelines Document, which will include:‌

        • Font names
        • Colours (RGB, CMYK & nearest Pantone)
        • Font attributes for corporate document styling
        • Document layout guidelines
        • Appropriate use of the logo
        • Social media assets (banners and logos)

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            We'll call you

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                Brand Development Project

                This service includes a series of workshops and market research to understand, position, and develop your brand.

                Your brand sets the first impression your customers will have of your business. Taking the time to define it early and thoughtfully is an essential project. If neglected, you relinquish control of your message to the market where it will be defined without you. Through a collaborative and creative workshop and an exercise in market research Xanda will fully develop your brand.

                The service is delivered over 3 phases.

                Phase 1: Workshop

                ½ day face-to-face workshop


                • Xanda Marketing Project Manager
                • Xanda Marketing Engineer(s)
                • Xanda Senior Designer
                • Client Brand Owner(s)
                • Client Marketing Stakeholders


                During the workshop, we will discuss, brainstorm, and dissect the following topics:

                • Market positioning & competitors
                • The brand story
                • Taglines
                • Mission Statement
                • Brand Architecture – the idea, personality, emotional benefits, and functional benefits
                • Brand Guardrails – what the brand is and is not
                • Core Values
                • Tone of Voice
                • Keywords
                • Target Audiences
                • Brand Persona
                • Logos, Colours, & Typography
                • Content strategy – how they want to be on all platforms e.g.: social media, website, ads, etc.


                Phase 2: Research

                After the workshop, Xanda will conduct the following Brand Development research:

                • Competitor analysis
                • Customer analysis
                • Market positioning map
                • Keyword analysis
                • List of taglines
                • Brand Architecture
                • Brand Guardrails: Dos & Don’ts
                • Content strategy – mood board, copywriting guidelines, tone of voice in practice
                • Logos and Typography
                • Brand persona(s)

                During this Research Phase, our executives will remain in close contact with your project manager.

                Phase 3: Delivery

                Presentation: Upon completion of the workshop and research project, we will develop and deliver your Brand Development Document via a live presentation. The document will incorporate:

                The Brand Story

                • Mission Statements
                • Core Values
                • Taglines

                Brand Architecture

                • Idea
                • Personality
                • Emotional and functional benefits

                Brand Guardrails

                • Keyword list
                • Tone of voice
                • Logos, Colours, & Typography
                • Dos & Don’ts

                Market Analysis

                • Competitors
                • Map positioning
                • Target audience/customer analysis
                • Brand Persona(s)

                Content Strategy

                • Mood board (images)
                • Copywriting guidelines
                • Tone of voice in practice
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