Examining the internet, company logos, product covers, and billboards, we’ll be analysing the key graphic design trends of this year and discussing how you can utilise them in your designs. The purpose of graphic design is to use technology and creativity to manipulate words, images, colour, typography and even sound to elicit emotions and deliver the right message, so keeping on top of these trends is essential to keep your work as current as possible.

Here are ten graphic design trends for 2022.

1. 3D Typography

The 3D typography design trend is not exactly new, but this design is getting cooler, and cooler by the day, and it is integrated more seamlessly into designs. 3D typography is a design trend that adds a realistic effect to a type. It makes typography on a screen or printed elements lift off the canvas for a look that’s almost like a sign. Here the letters are not only flexible in terms of shape but have proven to be ideal for experimenting and adding a new experience to words. This graphic design trend has certainly made the most of more modern technological advances and software capabilities. We’re seeing designers incorporate animation, photos, and flat illustrations in their 3D work resulting in some attention-grabbing creations. 

2. The Use of Simplified Logos

This year a lot of brands are reinventing themselves, using simplified designed logos, making it the easiest way to breathe fresh life into their existing brand. Simple logo designs are also easy to recognize with just a glance. In today’s increasingly cluttered markets, a simple logo will help you stand out from your competitors. People will be able to connect your brand with a simple, clean image. When a logo is simple and straight to the point, it makes it easier for people to understand the kind of product or services you render. But a more complicated logo will leave them confused. So whether you’re looking to rebrand or develop a new brand identity, the Xanda Web Design team is eager to work with you.

3. The 90s Inspired Design Recollection

The 90s trends have made a comeback over the last few years, with many designers, brands, and artists embracing nostalgia in their marketing, products, and design. The 90s nostalgia is one of the popular graphic design trends. They are a mixture of bright colours, simple emojis, bold fonts, and primitive internet frames. This 2022, the retro comeback has landed in the 90s with the new normal.

4. Graphic Design Trends: Bold Minimalism

A minimalist design is a design that only uses the most essential elements, including basic shapes and limited colour palettes, to create something very simple and memorable. Minimalism is sometimes associated with monochromatic palettes and white space. Going in for a minimalist look doesn’t mean you’re missing out on colour. The bold colour minimalism trend is popular particularly for branding, combining generous amounts of white space with eye-catching pops of bright colours and more. 

5. Interactive Data Visualisation

The use of interactive visualizations is becoming increasingly popular. Interactive data visualization refers to the use of modern data analysis software that enables users to directly manipulate and explore graphical representations of data by employing dynamic charts, changing colours, and shapes based on queries or interactions. The interactive data visualization software improves upon the concept by incorporating interaction tools that facilitate the modification of the parameters of data visualization. This enables the user to see more detail, create new insights, generate compelling questions, and capture the full value of the data. Importantly, interactive visualizations also offer better access to real-time data, which makes it valuable in dashboards for organisations of different sizes and from a variety of industries. With data visualisation as a graphic design trend, people are taking these techniques to a whole new level.

6. Playing With Brand Colour Schemes

Colour is a crucial consideration in graphic design, they tell the story of your business. They can both attract and repel an audience, and they’re a crucial component of any brand. In recent years, many companies would go in for obvious colours like blue, but in recent times they are beginning to explore less conventional colours when keeping up with modern graphic designs. For that perfect website or a brand logo, the right colours should be in place. It will dictate whether your visual assets stand out, and the kind of emotional impact you’ll have on your audience. Soft neutral shades are beginning to be replaced with brighter hues and duo-tone images. 

Just like other design elements, colours are constantly changing depending on how careful or daring designers are willing to be at any given moment.

7. Custom Illustrations

Another graphic design trends are custom illustrations. They are gaining momentum and evolving as many modern businesses are beginning to experiment with custom illustrations and icons. Illustrations and hand-drawn images give brands a more playful side. And you can use pictures in just about any part of your graphic design strategy. Today’s companies are experimenting with design as both a practical concept and a method of conveying their unique personalities. As customers want to build real connections with their favourite brands, that means companies need to work harder at creating a human image.

8. Inspired Design Using Nature

Following graphic design trends is a design technique that has its roots in nature. Design inspired by nature gives us back a sense of the simple and the basic. Sometimes this is what we exactly need, an image that will calm the atmosphere, and be pleasant as a walk through the garden. And this trend has so many wonderful ideas in its garden that it can offer. Such as soft curves, gentle transitions, and natural elements taken directly from the outdoors are imprinted in our everyday images. 

Designers fit these light forms into concepts that may not be so bold but are powerful and meaningful. As we crave nature, natural products, and are focused on improving the ecological condition, our life, and the environment, we are voting louder and louder for what is natural in products. These nature-inspired design trends are fitting perfectly with products. 

9. Escapism

The escapism trend is full of unexpected colours, tantalising settings, and whimsical character designs. Escapism creates an expansive imaginary experience for designers and viewers alike. This trend is useful for background patterns on labels and websites. The aim is to fill world-dense fascinating imagery in which viewers will lose themselves as they explore.

10. Monochrome and Duotone

Sometimes when you look at a website or a screen display, you would see a lot going on there. It is not because of poor design organization, but because there are so many different ideas that are quick and easy to access. Designers are always at work using many tricks to manipulate the life of the image and make it appealing. Monochrome images are a variety of tones of only one colour and are perfect for creating a balance between image elements. Using one colour highlights the point of the whole experience while, at the same time, creating a pleasant background atmosphere. Monochrome and Duotone techniques appeared among graphic design trends as a more eye-resting approach.

Graphic designs will continue to draw inspiration from and exert influence to change the culture. These latest graphic design trends are all disparate elements coming together, that is the past and the future, the geometric and the organic, the real and the artificial. So which trends are you looking forward to using in your infographics, annual reports, videos, presentations, and website?

Looking to rebrand or develop a new brand identity? You can trust the Xanda Graphic Design team. Our designers are equipped with years of experience, and they design following the latest trends. For more information, contact us.