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Tech stacks

Our London-based Xanda App development team are your perfect partner to develop your app idea. We typically develop both iOS and Android apps simultaneously using one of the following two tech stacks:

A single codebase with React Native or;

Natively with a separate  Xcode/Swift project for iOS and Android Studio/Java for Android.

Both tech stacks are good and have their advantages:

Native apps are usually a little faster and more responsive, although React Native has made significant improvements in this regard.

A single codebase using React Native allows code to be used across both platforms, reducing development time and costs, and simplifying app maintenance.

Both options have access to libraries of useful tools, although the native stacks, in some cases, have better and faster options.

We’ll help you decide: If you aren’t sure which is best for you don’t worry. Our consultants will happily discuss and advise until a decision is be made considering the specifics of your idea.

    Your app development plan

    • How do we start?

    With requirements gathering. We’ll work closely with you to understand the idea, needs, & requirements for the app.

    Waterfall approach

    If you have a very clear idea of the requirements, a Specification document can be prepared. This may take a little time to perfect, but once finalised we can use it to agree a fixed cost and timeline. This is the Waterfall approach.

    Specification Writing Service (£1.5k-£5k)

    If required you can engage our Spec Writing service, where after a collaborative workshop we’ll write up the document and accompany it with a fixed time and price for the project. You can also use it to get competitive quotes.

    Agile approach

    If your idea is less clear we can work using an Agile approach where we’ll manage a dynamic backlog of tasks over a series of sprints. No expense needs to be spent devising a specification, instead a Vision will be used to describe the general idea. Before each sprint we’ll agree what work we plan to do and how many developers we need to do it. We collaboratively perfect the project as it progresses until the backlog is empty and app is ready. Fees are charged at the end of each month on a time and materials basis.

    Which is best?

    Agile is best for larger projects which require flexibility, trial, and error and experimentation along the way. Also, where developing a fixed specification is not possible, and where the client requires daily communication with the team and the ability to change direction at any point.

    Waterfall is best for projects that are well understood and well specified.  Less time and expense needs to be spent on governance and the team can be left to focus on delivering the established specification in a straight line without deviation.

    Phase 1: Design & prototyping

    Once a plan is in place we will commence with a design and prototyping phase: Our amazing in-house design team will work closely with you to create wireframes and the designs for the app.

    Phase 2: Development

    Once the designs are locked down we can begin the development phase. The development team will work according to the approach agreed in the plan until the app is ready and a beta version is released for testing.

    Phase 3: Testing

    Testing phase: Xanda will conduct internal testing before releasing it to you for external testing. Although many clients prefer to manage this process, if you prefer, Xanda can provide a testing service. After a series of feedback and bug fixing rounds, the app will soon be ready for launch.

    Phase 4: Launch

    Launch: Once the app is developed and tested, it will be deployed to both the iOS and Android App Store. We will manage the submission processes dealing with any issues if they are raised by the platforms. Once approved we will help optimise the app store listings.

    Phase 5: Post launch

    Post launch, Xanda will remain on call to provide additional bug fixing, support and maintenance services. These are essential to ensure that the app continues to function properly and remains up-to-date with the latest iOS/Android versions and security patches. Any new feature ideas can be agreed and developed at any time in the future and deployed as an update once ready and tested. Finally, our highly talented, multi-discipline marketing team can be engaged to help promote and drive engagement with the app.

    Get in touch!

    At Xanda we encourage a highly collaborative and creative process with our clients to help deliver the best projects we possibly can. We hope you will enjoy developing your app with us as much as we love building them.

    To discuss your app get in touch for a free consultation and an obligation-free proposal.

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