Digital media for elite players & clubs

Our expert team develop digital management strategies uniquely tailored to our client’s interests, skills, and passions. We aim to lay the foundations for post-retirement careers by designing a brand and digital platform ready for exploitation once playing days are over and the time is right.

With over 20 years of experience providing digital services to some of the world’s largest businesses, Xanda have developed a comprehensive array of services for professional sports clubs. (Read more below).

We are currently working in:

Football (players, professional clubs, grassroots clubs & academies), Boxing, Motor Racing, MMA, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Futsal, Dressage, and Gaelic Football.

    For Players

    We develop strategies and structures for elite sports professionals to capitalise on the exposure they gain during their careers with an aim to:

    • Promote the image of the athlete
    • Create channels of communication with their fans
    • Build and expand their online fan base (web + social)
    • Design and develop a brand
    • Develop, promote and sell branded products
    • Promote charitable causes
    • Design & develop a web platform
    • Design & develop branded Apps / Games
    • Promote, develop, and manage social media channels
    • Digital marketing
    • Digital promotion/sponsorship opportunities
    • Rich content creation
    • Record digital career log
    • Public relations/Press management

    Xanda are a trusted technical partner to thousands of successful businesses around the world and will present corporate partnership and sponsorship opportunities as they arise.

    For Clubs

    Xanda have a comprehensive arsenal of services tailored for grassroots and professional sports clubs, including:

    • Sports club management tools and software
    • eCommerce solutions
    • Recruitment platforms
    • Football league/tournament management software
    • App design and development
    • Branding/Corporate design
    • Web design, development, and management
    • Social media management
    • Content creation
    • Digital marketing
    • SEO/PPC

    It begins with Hello
    To discuss your requirements, please get in touch for an expert consultation and obligation-free proposal.

        Sports Thoughts

        The digital and commercial side to elite sport has never been more important or valuable. Xanda sports is a division combining our skills, experience, connections and love of the game.
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