An eye-catching website is the front door of every organisation. If you’re operating a business in this digital era, you should have an online presence. Get a web design agency to design a unique website that conveys a direct message to the audience about the products/services you offer just from the first five seconds they spent on your site.

Despite the myriad web design templates online, to stand out and to have a competitive edge, your business needs an impressive website that will convert audiences into engaged clients and brand ambassadors. 

As a business your visitors become meaningful when they start taking action like buying a product, signing up for your email list, or reaching out through your contact form. The question now is how can you get more visitors to convert? Here are 5 ways a web design agency can help build a website that converts.

1. A Clear Layout Website

People inherently lose patience quickly at the minute they feel confused, they leave your web page to that of a competitor. When it comes to corporate web design best practices, ‘less is often more and the role of a web design agency is here to provide a clear-cut edge design.

If you work with Xanda web design agency, we will ensure to put the essential elements of your website front and centre for easy navigation, intuition, accessibility, and make it a mobile-friendly website. Having this well-structured layout will help optimize conversions and provide more space for call-to-action.

2. SEO & Social Web

To have a website that is visible to potential clients and attracts more sales, you need to have an SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is there to help improve your website making it more attractive and increasing your ranking for relevant searches. 

The social web makes it easier for visitors to share your content, thereby driving large volumes of traffic to your business website. 

3. Quality Web Content

Content plays a vital role in SEO, and there is no denying that content is king. Visitors search engines and browse websites to obtain information. People desire information every day and want it delivered at a very fast speed. Because of their short attention span. The Xanda web design agency will ensure that contents are accurate, spell correctly, are relevant, updated regularly, and also pertinent to the business.

4. Use Only High-Quality Images

According to Reach, websites/blogs with compelling high-quality images get 94% views. Our web design agency will build a website that is eye candy to users while selecting high-quality imagery that aligns with your product/services. 

5. WebPage Compatibility and Speed

Speed also has an enormous impact on your conversion rates. If your website takes too long to load, it will affect your conversions. This means all the beautiful graphics and substantial content will become less useful. All the factors that affect speed such as the number of graphics, server speed, website traffic, and more will be taken into consideration by our web design agency. To minimise all controllable factors slowing down site speed by using reliable website hosting, proper website code, and optimized graphics.

With these points in place, your website is sure to generate more leads. If you require expert knowledge of a web design agency, Xanda is eager to help you. 

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