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There are simply too many websites adding little or no value for their companies, more often than not because the continued investment websites need have been neglected, often for a number of years. With the internet and technology landscapes having changed so drastically over the last few years, an old website sticks out like a sore thumb and often looks unreputable given the number of spam and scam websites that have emerged over the years with little or no attention placed on the design.

With online privacy and security constantly in the press, any site not seen to be up to date, reputable and in keeping with the latest trends tends to make potential customers nervous, all to often resulting in the customer moving to a competitor website which is almost always only two clicks away. Regular website designs help to keep your site on trend.

A website redesign should consider, amongst others, the following key points:

  • Attractive / impressive design in line with your corporate branding
  • Clear and immediate transmission of the key company messages
  • Good and up to date content that can be managed via a powerful content management system (CMS)
  • Make it obvious and easy for users to act; whether it be to buy something, make an enquiry or book an appointment
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO). Get on the first page of Google for the right keywords
  • Social media integration. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are as important as search engines
  • Tracking tools to monitor on-line activities
  • On line marketing strategy

As with all our research processes, we’ll focus on you but most importantly, your customers. We’ll understand your business and discuss your requirements with you to produce a bespoke proposal to develop your new website. Xanda have specialised in website redesign for over a decade, and we’ve redesigned hundreds of websites for some of the biggest companies in the world. Almost without exception our client’s websites reach the top page of Google within 3 months and enjoy significant increases in their hits, number of enquiries and sales.

With the Internet being the biggest market place in the world, it’s essential to make a strong and powerful on-line representation of your business. Without this, not only will you miss out on new customers you will steadily loose ground to your competition.

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