Since the launch of the TikTok app in 2016, it has become the number one trending social media platform. It has over 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play and more than 750 million active monthly users, making it an excellent target place for businesses. With TikTok for business, your business can reach large potential customers. TikTok for business is where you tap into your brand’s creative side, it is a world exploding with joy and inspiration set to move your business to new heights.

Steps on How to Use Tiktok for Business 

1. Create a Tiktok Business Account

  • Commence by downloading the app on either Google Store or App Store.
  • Proceed to create a new personal account, which you can use your email, your Google, Twitter, or Facebook account.
  • Continue by editing your Profile, adding a profile picture or logo of the business, and editing Bio.
  • But if you have an existing Tiktok account all you need to do is switch to a Business Account. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner, then Manage Account, click on Switch to Pro Account and choose Business Account.
  • Next, pick the category that best describes your brand, also add your business website. And there you go, your TikTok business account is set up.

2. Identify Your Business Targeted Audience

Knowing who to direct your content to is key. If not, all efforts will be in vain. TikTok for business provides business owners with an opportunity to tap into what content their target audience wants to see, without spending a lot of money on advertising. While TikTok is extremely popular with teenagers and Gen Z, a wide range of demographics have fallen in love with the app.  

Once you have identified your audience, try to explore the app. See what other businesses are doing to top up your game when you start posting content.

3. Create Engaging & Consistent Content

As is true of all social networks, content is king, and the best way to grow your audience is to provide creative content that your followers will like, comment, and want to share. Create pleasant and comprehensible videos, as this is the first thing that catches the audience’s attention. 

TikTok has been a place for authentic entertainment, humour, and fun. According to research, Tiktok is the world’s third-largest social media platform with an increasing number of monthly active users. Making it a place to attract potential clients by using short videos. Videos on the app range from 15 seconds up to 3 minutes. And as a small business, you don’t have to go through the stress of getting real professional photographers, because most of the videos posted on TikTok are created by the users themselves. Start recording with your phone, add music, use effects like face zoom, add in filters, sprinkle in stickers, and a lot more, and always add hashtags to your post, they are essential. In the long run, your business can cooperate with TikTok influencers to help promote your brand to a large audience.

How to Find Great Tiktok Content Related to Your Business

  • Search for keywords
  • Follow content related to your business account
  • Search for related trending content on the discover page
  • Watch trending videos from industry peers
  • Explore trending filters and effects
  • Finally, browse through the business’s creative hub. 

4. Engage with your Audience and Grow your Following

Like other social media networks, it is vital to engage with your audiences on TikTok. It will encourage users to participate and interact with your content. Avoid the idea of buying followers.

It is important to brainstorm and decide about your niche but also important to determine the amount of content you want to post in a month. This would aid your discussion on what publishing rate is best for your business if you post two contents every day or three contents weekly. 

To keep your followers engaged and attract more followers try out interactive live streams. Comment and like the content on other Tiktok accounts, and respond to comments and questions. Always practice social media listening to make sure you’re on top of trending topics in your Tiktok community. There are several ways to keep your audience engaged, explore different ways to see what works best with your Tiktok for business account. 

5. Analyse your Content Performance 

Analysing the performance of your content helps keep your business in line. It guides you on which contents have the highest engagement, which areas need improvement, and which type should be stopped. With TikTok’s in-platform analytics tool, you can view some interesting metrics to help inform your next steps. This will help you look objectively to see if you’ve reached an engagement metric.

6. The Use of TikTok Ads

After mastering the in and out of Tiktok for business, you can add ads to your campaign. TikTok provides a step-by-step guide for creating ads in TikTok Ads Manager. An advantage of using TikTok for small business marketing is that it limits the high cost of spending on videographers or editors to create polished and effective content. Tiktok for business offers different types of ads for you to choose from; in-feed ads, image ads, video ads, tod view ads, branded hashtag challenges, branded effects, and more.

Tips on How to Feature Your Product or Service in your Videos

Make use of close-up shots with proper lighting. Use suitable background music and footage of the product from all angles because they are the essential elements of a great product video.

One great tip on how to present a product in the video is to use a soft-sell video technique. It’s usually more appealing to viewers than hard-sell video techniques. Let your video be more convincing than commercial, try to incorporate life events/stories in line with your product or services.

When you choose to use the unboxing video approach, start by introducing the product or service, then display any accessories, and finish with a close-up shot. Do not make it too long.

Need help setting up TikTok for your business? With the technical knowledge of our digital marketing team, we will undoubtedly increase the engagement rate of your TikTok, for more information, get in touch.