All can benefit from the following online marketing tools. However, they are of most importance to those at a smaller-scale, operating with lower budgets. It is imperative for small business owners to find tools that are effective are the tasks they are tackling whilst remaining inexpensive.

1. Trello

Free, with paid-plans available.


Trello is a great tool for organsing projects and teams. It simplifies the entire process of managing the ‘who does what’ of team collaboration and online marketing. It operates as a content planner for the whole team to visualize how a specific task or an entire project is going.

The great thing about Trello is how it makes collaboration with other team members so simple. Tasks can be assigned to an employee, with notes and instructions on what the task is and the deadline for completion.

2. Mailchimp

Free, with paid-plans available.

Mailchimp is self-proclaimed as an “All-In-One Integrated Marketing Platform for Small Businesses”. They began as a simple email marketing tool, but have rapidly diversified and now offer several key services for users, such as Website traffic tracking and analytics, email marketing, email and domains, and recently, content design studio.

Mailchimp is free for those with less than 2,000 email list subscribers, allowing a majority of small businesses to use this must-have service for free to kick-start their email marketing campaigns and is an essential online marketing tool.

3. Canva

Free, with paid-plans available.

Coupling relevant and informative content with stunning visuals is a sure-fire method to grab your reader’s attention and convert them to sales. Canva is a tool that will help you create original, appealing content in 10-minute or less.

Polish up current images or create stunning new ones without having any prior graphic design experience. Use on desktop or mobile.

4. Hotjar

Free to begin with, paid once traffic increases.

Hotjar is simple as inserting a short script into the backend of your site and then putting your feet back and letting Hotjar work its magic. Its magic includes:

  • Heatmaps
  • Session recordings
  • Feedback pop-ups
  • Form analytics
  • On-site polls and surveys

If you plan on conducting conversion optimization, Hotjar is a powerful online marketing service to use regardless of the size of your business.

5. Hootsuite

Starting at £29 per month, rising to £599+ for the enterprise package.

Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool very similar to Buffer. The service allows you to schedule social media posts across all the common platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The service also shows all social engagement in an easy-to-use dashboard.

The beauty of Hootsuite is how much time it saves you in the long term. No more setting alarms to post, all that’s needed is two minutes to write and then schedule the post to all social channels. A less talked about feature that is very handy is its influencer and hashtag identifier which in itself makes the product invaluable.

6. Microsoft Teams

Free, with paid-plans available.

Microsoft Teams is the future of collaboration. Teams is designed to simplify group work and collaboration and does this excellently by creating an easy-to-use, central hub for video chat, instant messaging, email, document collaboration and much more being regularly added.

Need a singular location to communicate with all members of your team without having to ‘tidy’ your inbox- use Teams.

7. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is completely free software that provides insights on who is visiting your site and how they’re interacting with it. The information you gain from Google Analytics is invaluable in optimizing your site and marketing campaigns.

Get in touch if you want to discuss any of these or other tools that can help grow your business.