As Coronavirus continues to spread, posing threats to the economy on both a national and global scale, it’s understandable why some are wary of what tomorrow may look like for the business.

There is a cloud of uncertainty lurking over most businesses, prompting a flurry of inaction. However, you can’t help but feel the famous words ‘in such difficult times, lies great opportunity’ were said for times like this…

With online users surging in recent weeks, could the opportunity lying ahead form in the shape of online business?!

Whether you’re building your brand from scratch, accommodating to the recent online surge, or forever on the lookout for the assistance of a London based expert digital team; Xanda has put together a list of just a few key benefits worth food for thought…

4 Reasons To Start Your Online Business Now

online business

1.Making Money

A cutting edge eCommerce platform is the most cost effective way to diversify your revenue streams. Your website will not require the same levels of costs for staff, rent or rates that your real world store might. Your online store will be open 24/7. And your customers who used to walk through your doors are now only a click away from their sofas.

2.Working Remotely

If you’re reading this with a sudden increase in time on your hands since working from home, then this one may be particularly for you. With all the perks and access of modern technology, it’s a sad reality the sheer quantity of businesses with little to no opportunity of income following the latest pandemic. I don’t want to state the obvious, but it’s become apparent so many are missing the obvious – Online business is around the clock, at the convenience of your fingertips, and accessible from all corners of the world.

3.It is cost-effective  

As a London based agency, we can certainly relate to this one and I’m confident a number of you can feel the pain too – running a business can be expensive! Before you’ve even considered your variable expenses, the fixed fees are the real heavy hitters in a time like this: property tax, monthly rent, office utilities, etc. While we’re all in the same boat with profit margins inevitably taking a knock in the coming months, the internet is free to all. Investing in digital is a lifetime investment, and in a time like this, a seemingly inevitable ROI.

4.Measuring results

Traditionally, successful marketing could be seen in something as simple as an increase in overall revenue, or in sales of a particular product. But in the digital world, there are masses of metrics for measuring success – sales and revenue are still obviously really important, but brand engagement and visibility or an improvement in social following or organic search results are also markers of success.

The success of a digital marketing plan can be measured in any way you want it to be – provided everyone in your organisation is on the same page! Clear and simple reporting is the best way to get everyone speaking the same language, and focusing on the same goals.

For example, Investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has the primary KPI of driving more website traffic, although the secondary management of conversions once users are within the website is at the key of increasing sales. Xanda’s consultants take pride in building trust with prospective customers by understanding their needs.

When work begins, communication is king. Xanda follows a 3-step process to fulfil the goals set at the start of the campaign (analysis, action, account). Upon execution of each month of activity, Xanda produces bespoke reporting to not only explain ‘what’ has happened but additionally break down ‘why’, allowing you to understand the actions with the best effect. The accuracy of reporting is ensured with the use of digital technologies, including but certainly not limited to Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and Hotjar.

Wondering where / how to start? Xanda is an innovative digital media agency; with 23 years experience and London based in-house divisions, specialising in branding, web design and development, digital marketing services, APP development, and network support.

Get in touch with us to speak with one of our consultants, who will be pleased to get the ball rolling and introduce you to your new digital family, amongst the hundreds of brands who call us their online team!

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