When you think about Social Media influencers you instantly consider them to be individuals with an immense amount of followers and impeccable Instagram aesthetics. The power of micro-influencers with moderate follower counts but with strong levels of influence within niche audiences are often neglected by marketers who work within the influencer marketing space.

Because micro-influencers rarely endorse and support a brand that they don’t believe in, their followers regard them as a highly credible and opinionated source. This type of social media relationship is very different to celebrity influencers because whilst big names might have monumental followings, this results in them not necessarily believing that they endorse every single brand that they post about. The most effective way to engage and create meaningful relationships with micro-influencers is to send them your products, let them generate an honest opinion about them and then do a review. You will either receive genuine and positive publicity as the result of an Instagram post or the influencers will point out how your product could be improved. Either is extremely valuable to your brand.

The most valuable and important component which differentiates celebrities and micro-influencers are engagement rates.  Because followers like, engage and share posts on Instagram it is much easier for micro-influencers to build and maintain active relationships because they can reply to their follower’s comments quickly.  This results in a constant and meaningful connection that can make followers actually feel like they have a loyal relationship with the micro-influencer which ultimately results in the followers engaging with more posts.

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