So you have had your social media accounts set up for quite a while now and your actively running campaigns, engaging with your community and running paid advertising to increase brand awareness. But how do you know what is working for your brand and what isn’t?

Number of Followers and Growth

Any brand’s goal is to grow their followers. The more followers, the more audience they have to promote a product or service online.  The amount of page followers that you have shows how many users are interested in engaging with your brand. So if you are consistently growing in followers then this shows that your doing something right on your social media accounts.

Referred Traffic

Referral traffic is used to describe visitors that come from direct links on your website rather than direct or through a search engine. It’s a fact that users are going to find out the most information from your website and not your social media pages. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This presents the challenge of how you are going to redirect visitors from your website to your social media channels.


Engagement on social media measures the comments, likes and shares that your content generates. This should be considered as the most important thing to measure in reflection of your activity. And, the best way to better understand your audience’s interests is to engage with them.

User Likes and Shares

When you understand what your audience wants to know will inform you of what you should be posting on social media. Having this understanding can allow you to create a rich editorial calendar of content in advance. The more shares that your content gets the more than you know that you have posted something that resonates with your audience.


An influencer is a social media user that has built up credibility in a specific industry through their content over time. Influence is a relatively new metric to measure and in some ways also a controversial one. Just because a social media user has a large follower base doesn’t actually mean that they can have an influence over their followers. However, based on previous actions can allow a brand to make predictions as to who will have influence in the future. This type of metric can allow a brand to plan who to reach out to for future social media campaigns.

S.O.V – Share of Voice

Share of Voice measures how much of a conversation with the target audience your brand owns versus competitors. Getting mentioned on social media is great but it doesn’t present the current opportunities that a brand can work into their social media. However, when you track share of voice you can observe these mentions and compare them to your competitors. Tracking share of voice is perfect for seeing what resonates with your audience.

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