Have you ever thought of a great idea for an app; a novel new game, something that solves a problem or makes life easier? Well now is the time to build it!

With the whole nation in Lockdown, the use of smartphones has already begun to skyrocket, with Apps across both Android and iOS reaping the success of this – some of you may have heard of Epic Games certain ‘House Party’ very recently for the first time. With more people locked down at home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the United Kingdom (UK), families and friends are looking for new ways to stay in contact with each other and keep morale high. Video hangout app Houseparty has gone viral since the spread of the virus, with the number of downloads increasing every day, according to data from Priori.

houseparty rank

Houseparty US iPhone download rank, 11 Jan to 9 April 2020

Houseparty US Android download rank, 20 March to 9 April 2020

All fun aside, the financial potential for App concepts is greater than ever before, and this has been growing for years in correlation with global smartphone users. Now more than ever you may find yourself with the time to finally turn your app idea into a reality. That’s why this blog is focusing on a brief introduction into the teams you will encounter as part of your professional App Development with Xanda.

We are a one-stop-shop for app design, development and marketing. Here’s a little introduction into each of our teams that will help you along the way.


Experts in App concept approval, queries and proposal generation: Xanda’s team of professional digital consultants will technically test and query the plausibility of App concepts before a single penny is spent to ensure a proposal is signed which reflects precisely what you are looking to achieve from your App development. Having overlooked App enquires and consequent developments built my Xanda’s specialist team for decades, Xanda’s consultants will provide a weighted option to ensure all areas of the build are a success, even prior to quality assurance checks throughout.

Project Managers

Your first and main point of contact will be one of our wonderful project managers. They will be by your side throughout the whole project, from start to end. Essentially their job is to ensure you’re brief is successfully passed on and understood by the design and development teams. They’ll be in regular contact with you to get your feedback and update you on the progress of the project.


Our team of designers has heaps of experience from creative illustration to 3D animation, providing a professional look and feel to your app. In the early stages, you and your project manager will work with our design team to discuss your ideas and understand the aesthetics of your app. Whether you know exactly how it should look or if you are in need of some creative guidance, our designers will offer their creative input and bring your idea to life!


Our development team is one of Xanda’s vital organs. They are the people who turn designs into tangible products. As their work goes over most people’s heads, your project manager will keep you updated with their progress and ensure your app is being developed in line with the design brief. During the development phase, you will get access to a Beta version of your app, allowing you to actually use it and ensure it is ready for launch!


Now your app is complete, our marketing team will help it get the attention it deserves. As every app is different you will be able to work with our highly experienced marketers and develop a bespoke strategy to identify your target audience and the relevant channels to reach them.

If you want to use this time to your advantage and come out on top get in touch to discuss your ideas and get a quote!

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