A good digital media agency can do marvels for your business. They can help your business earn more sales by using different tactics to attract and convert ideal customers. To decide which digital media agency to use is essential, especially with more creative agencies popping up day in and day out. But it will be easier when you do your homework, ask around, and you’ll find the one that works best for you.

5 Ways To Decide Which Digital Media Agency To Use

1. Do Your Company Planning 

Having a detailed company plan will help your business outline its marketing and media needs. Be precise about your business objectives and budget because any decision you make will be guided by it. Be certain of what you want to achieve with an agency and the price you are willing to offer. So whether it’s revenue targets or ranking positions, a clear goal will enable you to make the right decision. The agency you choose also has the right to validate whether or not your objectives are achievable within your budget.

Another important thing to consider before making a decision is to determine your service mix. Have a rough idea of the services you’re interested in, understand your unique requirements for different marketing services.

2. Research Digital Media Agencies

To decide which digital media agency to use, conduct research. Which could be through a recommendation or a google search. Some agencies specialise in one area of marketing strategy or focus on a certain industry or group of businesses, so it is vital to consider that too. 

Conduct some background research into potential agencies. Check out the type of work they do, who they work with, the results they’ve achieved with other clients, and the price of working with them. Client-customer communication flow is vital. Research on how they communicate with clients.

Some of the services offered by a qualified digital media agency that should be considered:

Content Creation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Conversions Rate Optimisation

Email Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Video Advertising

Paid Advertising, and more.

3. Relevant Experience & Expertise Team

Once you’ve gotten some agencies that catch your attention, dive more into the search and see if their team is made up of diverse talents and expertise. It is because a digital media team should be multi-disciplined. With unique experts in their respective fields such as design, development, SEO, content strategy, social media, brand development, and more.

For your business to decide which digital media agency to use, you must check their level of experience. See how long they’ve been in business. Check out how they deal they have worked with clients of your size, and enquire to see if they speak your language. 

4. The Industry’s Reputation

Most digital agencies understand the importance of displaying their social proof on their website. So, if you can’t find any, they may not have any previous clients. These social proofs such as testimonials and previous client reviews can give you deep insight into what working with that agency would be.

Check if the media agency’s prior work fits your business. When you view the existing clients and previous work of each digital marketing agency, you will get a feel of who would best understand your brand’s needs. 

5. Make a Decision

Once you’ve drilled down to the final key candidates, it’s time to find out if you get along. Give them a call and also request a one-on-one meeting if possible. Try to build a relationship and let the communication flow. When you enjoy working with your agency, it’s easier to navigate challenges and explore innovative new territory.

Before you decide which digital media agency to use, check out these red flags.

Red Flags to Consider when Deciding on which Digital Media to Use

Their Promises Are Too Good to Be True

If an agency guarantees significant results in a short amount of time, like for example “you’ll rank on the first page organically for your number one search term within a month”. Watch out, that’s red flag number one. They are more interested in getting you into a contract than getting you real results. Although this can be possible with a really strong committed agency. They can get you on the first page after months of hard work, ongoing in-depth competitor analysis, and strong marketing strategies. 

They Offer Inflexible, Pre-Set Plans

Marketing plans should be flexible. The digital agency you choose should talk to you about your goals and build a plan that helps you meet those goals. Even if they have a set of plans they use for clients, they should be open to working within those plans to give you a personalised strategy that works for your business. If you’re unable to get that then find an agency that will work with you.

Slow Response Time

Lack of communication flow is one of the major issues business representatives face while dealing with agencies. A delay in response or a team not being on the same page could signal a lack of organisation. Work with an agent who can present ideas and processes clearly before they unleash their creative flair.

They Do Not Try Out Different Marketing Channels

A good marketing agency needs to research relevant channels and try out the ones that are most likely to generate a buzz for your business. So it is a red flag when your digital marketing service expert isn’t trying out multiple channels to determine the best fit, they may not know enough about digital marketing to succeed

They Aren’t Available When You Need Them

When it comes to your brand, you are the boss. You want your marketing campaigns to be completed on time. An agency that promises to get a particular task done and fails to complete it shows its level of lack of commitment and lack of trust. You should be aware of such.

Decide Which Digital Media Agency To Use

Guess now you know what to look out for and what to avoid. Using these tips will aid you to get the right niched digital media agency ready to bring your ideas to life. Commence your search with us – Xanda. We understand that every project, be it big or small, deserves the attention of a true digital expert. Contact us today, let’s get started.