To properly utilise Facebook’s Ad platform so you are targeting your ideal audience out of its 2 billion active users, a Facebook marketing agency is one of the most valuable options to invest in to create a successful digital marketing and Facebook ads strategy, regardless of whether you are a start-up, small/medium size business or established company. 

Every and any business has a lot to gain from seeking the consultation of a Facebook marketing agency to achieve their goals, companies such as Oreo, Nike, Adidas and more already utilise these experienced agencies. They help you to reach a bigger audience and increase your ROI by utilising a bespoke 360 marketing strategy that also includes creating targeted and relevant ads that will attract the ‘right’ audiences to click on your Facebook ads, buy your products, or generate quality leads.

Facebook Ads in 2022: What You Need To Know

Facebook aims at creating a positive user experience with meaningful interaction. So your business ads need to be creative and should provide real value to the audience.

How Facebook Advertising Works

Set Campaign Objectives

Your Facebook ads will be successful when you focus on what your business wants to achieve. First, start by identifying your campaign objectives. A clear business objective that will help attain your campaign goals. Facebook allows you to choose objectives based on buyer stages, Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. A good marketing strategy needs to focus on taking your target audience across each stage from not knowing who you are to being ready to purchase your product. This will help drive traffic to your website, encourage visitors to download your app, generate leads, and increase sales. 

Audience Segmentation

The second step is audience segmentation. Facebook ads are targeted to audiences based on their location, demographic, and profile information. At this stage, you will tell Facebook who you want them to display your ads. This process provides Facebook with a detailed profile of your targeted audience. Your ads will be displayed only to the audience who exhibit the behaviour and belong to that demographic. You can also create custom audiences by uploading data on existing customers that you already have. It enables Facebook to create lookalike audiences based on the chosen parameters.

Design Facebook Ads

The third stage is to design the Facebook ads you want to run. There are several ad formats you can use to create your ads. It includes images, videos, a carousel (multiple images), instant experiences, or a combination of those elements. After designing your ads, go ahead and set a budget and bid for each click. Set a time frame and budget you want your ads to run, it will help keep you on track. 

Analyse and Evaluate Performance 

Finally, use data and analytics to evaluate the performance of your Facebook ads. Track your performance and edit campaigns on the ads’ manager. It allows you to see which campaign is doing well or not, and bring out ways to improve changes. Most advertisers fail to utilise facebook’s most effective reporting feature, Facebook Breakdown

Why You A Need A Facebook Ads Agency

There’s nothing more frustrating than working tirelessly on your marketing campaigns, only to see minimal results while constantly bleeding money. If your current marketing efforts aren’t working, it may be time to try more cost-effective solutions by employing the services of a Facebook marketing agency for help. Take a look at these five reasons why your business needs a Facebook marketing agency. 

To Modernise Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook ads for businesses are constantly evolving with new ads and features. You have to stay on the cutting edge to be competitive. This is because every other brand is utilising Facebook ads, and you don’t want to risk missing out. Also, because of the nature of your business, it would be hard to keep up with the trends. If you hire a marketing agency, they’ll know the current strategies that work best for your business and run your campaign to ensure success.

Expertise Knowledge 

Being a master of a particular field means you have vast knowledge about the ins and outs of that field. You might want to use the little marketing skills you possess to run your campaign, it will be great, but you won’t achieve the same results if you let an expert in marketing handle it for you. You can trust their experience and knowledge to craft an effective marketing campaign for your business. 

To Save Time and Money

Creating, managing, and optimizing your ad campaigns require an arduous amount of work. Due to time and lack of knowledge, most businesses do not look back at their marketing campaigns, especially Pay per Click (PPC) ads. That means a valuable amount will go to waste because companies aren’t monitoring their strategies and improving their campaign. Partnering with a Facebook marketing agency will help handle that for you.

Build Brand Recognition

Your network is your net worth, and working with a marketing agency is a great way to build your business network. A marketing expert knows how to lead your business through a preferred demographic to ensure you gain the recognition it deserves.

For Better and Quick Results

You need a Facebook marketing agency that will help your business achieve quick results. Stop guessing by throwing precious advertising spend, instead invest in an agency that knows what strategy to implement that works best for your business. Someone that is knowledgeable and aligns with your business goals. 


To achieve better returns on your Facebook ads spend, you should:

1. Style Facebook ads to Newsfeed posts.

2. Use short creative videos and casual imagery.

3. Provide free content to warm up the audience.

4. Next, engage the audience on the email list.

5. And lastly, retarget website visitors. 

If you are looking for an agency to create your business Facebook ads this 2022, look no further than Xanda. We aim at developing advanced campaigns and tactics for businesses, as well as conversion optimisation. 

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