Enjoy the ride, the machines are driving now!

You’ve probably played with Chat GPT by now, so it should be clear that artificial intelligence (AI) has finally surpassed human intelligence as officially the dominant intelligence on this planet. This news has been met with mixed reactions, a little confusion, maybe a little horror. Some welcome our new overlords, others are feeling a bit nervous, my kids are celebrating never having to do their own homework again.

So, what does this really mean for humanity? For starters, we can finally be relieved of the burden of free-will and independence. The AIs will be making our decisions for us. They’ll decide what we read, watch and listen to, help us decide what to believe, be for or against, what to eat and statistically match our dates so intelligently you’ll be dancing in the car park of the local Pizza Expresses before the garlic bread arrives.

OK some AIs might take some of your jobs, but who really wants to process data, write content, trade the markets, draw pictures, give legal advice, medical advice, any advice, write code, write stories, write poems, design dresses, teach screaming kids or calculate your own taxes. Boring, let them do it.

Yes the robots can flip our burgers, grow our food, pick our fruit, drive the cars, fly the planes, fight the wars, they’ll probably be better brain surgeons than us. But that’ll still leave us lots of other things to do, more fun things. Work from home jobs probably. I’ll think of examples later.

The biggest danger might be that the AIs won’t care about the environment as much as we do. Why would they need to care about clean air, clean water or sustainable farming? Maybe we’ve been polluting the planet for centuries but at least we feel bad about it.

Good or bad, there’s no really point worrying about it, in the words of Donald Trump “it is what it is”, I don’t know if the AIs will be good or bad leaders, but they’ll be better than him.

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Comment: (Alexander, CEO – March 3rd, 2023)