When a business succeeds in getting potential clients to sign-up for their emails, it will be hard to lose them unless they fail to maintain them. An email campaign is a type of direct marketing technique that uses personalised, mass emails to educate and convince a lead to take a specific action. Some of these actions or Call To Actions (CTAs) are: to purchase a product or service, download an app, sign up for a webinar, and more. Email marketing connects your business with its audience, promotes your brand, and increases sales. 

When you successfully attain client emails and they’re not getting the relevant information or they feel like you are overloading them with information, they will unsubscribe which is not healthy for the business. Today we will look at some of the email marketing campaign mistakes done by businesses and how to avoid them.

Email Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Avoid

1. Failure to Personalise Email Marketing with Segmentation

Most businesses fail to segment their subscriber list and personalise emails. It is vital to segment your entire list of subscribers into smaller, categorised lists, this will allow you to send relevant and timely information to leads and current customers. In return, it will increase your organic engagement rates. Personalisation and segmentation play a pivotal role in declaring whether your email campaigns are moving in a positive or negative direction.

2. The Use of Sales-Heavy Language / Pushy Content

Having proper engagement with customers can take your business to the next level. Make use of conversational language rather than displaying hyper-professional sales languages. To build a successful conversational language you should put yourself in the clients’ shoes, let the piece sound personal as per their activities and preferences. Continuous use of heavy sales language will make your emails look too pushy and might cause the clients to unsubscribe. 

3. Unclear Call To Action (CTA)

Before you begin crafting your email marketing campaign, keep in mind the ultimate action you want to trigger. This CTA will tell the audience the next action you want them to take, failure to do so will leave them confused on what to do. Do you want them to learn more about a product? Read your latest blog post? Reply for more information? Whatever it is you want your audience to do, tell them. Do not put up three or four Call To Action, this will only confuse your audience – put one CTA at a time, and focus on triggering a result as quickly as possible.

4. Sending Too Many Discounts and Promotions

Heavy selling is an extremely common email marketing mistake that needs to be avoided. If you’re a type who keeps sending subscribers discount after discount emails with no end in sight, note that you may be overwhelming and annoying your customers. Find a balance between helpful content and product offers because you want to get something out of the relationship that will increase sales, website traffic, and more. But if every one of your emails tries to sell your products, your customers are going to become disengaged. Inundating them with email after email leaves them annoyed and more likely to unsubscribe.

5. Email Marketing Campaigns not Optimised for Mobile Users

Another email marketing campaign mistake that needs to be avoided is businesses not optimising their emails for mobile devices. While most emails are made on computers, they are mostly read on mobile devices. It might take some time to perfect your email’s format, but it’s worth the effort to ensure your emails are optimised for mobile. Try dividing your content into blocks, it is a classic way of ensuring high readability across all device types. You could also use the mobile-friendly HTML email templates and test the final copy on your smartphone before hitting the send button. 

6. Failure to Conduct Analytics

Analytics is a guide that tells if your campaigns are reaching the right people or not. Without monitoring analytics, it’s exceedingly difficult to develop and improve your email marketing strategy. Your campaign analytics is vital because it aids you to check the click-through rates of your campaigns. This keeps an eye on how many new subscribers you’re gaining and how many people unsubscribe and helps monitor the open rate of your email campaigns. It is a huge mistake to run an email campaign without monitoring analytics, this can hurt your business. If your business has put a lot of time and money into email marketing, be sure to use analytics to verify that your efforts are generating leads.

7. Avoid Spam Filters

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are in a strong defence against spammers or spam traps. They have email addresses designed specifically for identifying and tracking spammers. This means if your triggered email hits such an address, you are immediately flagged as a spammer by the ISP. To avoid this, let your email header have something unique to the recipient. You should include your company name, the name of a person with whom the target is already familiar, or the name of one of your target’s competitors. Let your email campaign be sent from a good IP address through verified domains. Use any IP address that has not been used by someone else who has sent spam in the past.

8. Overruling Email Testing 

Ensuring all company emails appear presentable and function properly across all email clients is the aim of every business, but might not be effective because of these mistakes. Broken email design and functionality continue to be one of the main email marketing campaign errors made by most businesses. Continuously sending messages with typos, broken links, faulty images, and worst of all sending emails to the wrong subscriber list, can ruin your brand reputation and marketing goals. It is advisable to first test your email with proper tools for technical errors like HTML setup and image loading before sending them to clients. 

Work With Xanda

Email marketing campaigns are getting more competitive year in year out. The user base of email services is expected to reach 4.48 billion in 2024 according to research, with an average unsubscribe rate of 0.2% and spam rate being 0.02%. Email marketing remains one of the most promising channels for businesses to increase sales. If you succeed in combating these email marketing mistakes then you’re sure to drive more leads. 

If you are a small or large business finding difficulties in managing its email marketing campaign, you can count on the Xanda digital marketing team. The Xanda team has successfully grown the accounts of numerous clients and is ready to help your business reach its targetted goals. Get in touch today let’s get started.