Data efficiency is cool!

Data processing is a critical part of the development cycle. From analysing user behaviour to generating reports and insights, software applications rely heavily on data processing. With the ever-increasing volume of data being generated, it has become more important than ever to use the latest technologies to reduce data processing times.

Using the latest technologies such as big data, serverless cloud computing, and artificial intelligence can significantly reduce data processing times freeing resources to do even more. Cloud computing provides a scalable and flexible environment for processing data, allowing platforms to process data on-demand and pay only for what they use. Combine this with AI and machine learning and we can automate data processing tasks, reducing human intervention and error to deliver next-gen systems with never before seen power and performance.

Reducing data processing times has numerous benefits including the ability to improve user experiences with real-time responses, big data insights and intelligent feedback. This powers increased value, applications, user satisfaction and loyalty. Efficiency optimisations also increase the output of development teams, as they  spend less time waiting for data to process and more time developing new features and functionalities and critically reducing time-to-market.

The value and importance of this work can’t be overstated, winning a competitive advantage over competitors, enhanced development output, cost and time savings and a new possibilities for advanced software products and services are all on the table.

Also it’s seriously cool (at least we think so), when your team reduces the processing time of 1 million data messages, validating and storing 40 million data points from 756 to just 19 seconds it makes you want to write a blog post about it and dance around in your server room a little 😉

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Comment: (Alexander, CEO – February 25th, 2023)
Well done team, it is definitely cool, great work! Clapping hands