A website being the backbone of every business is no longer a secret. These days it is not an option but a necessity to have a website that draws potential clients. A well-structured design from a web design agency can help grow your business. A flawless design creates a great impression on potential visitors, leading them to take action. However, some common mistakes can derail your best efforts. Making mistakes on your website can have a lasting effect on the long-term health of your business. To avoid these, we have outlined the common mistakes web design agencies make and how to avoid them.

A Website That Takes Too Long to Load

The faster your website loads, the better experience is for your visitors. The use of heavy images, graphics, and animations will make your website heavy and slower to load, especially for mobile phone users. To avoid this, make your website lightweight. Try to use simple light images and graphics so anyone can access your website using any device. 

A Non-Mobile Friendly Website

Many people use their mobile phones to search the web. According to research, there are approximately 65.32 million active mobile internet users in the UK, representing 96% of the overall population. These active users form half of your website traffic, so if your website is not mobile-friendly, visitors will likely leave and move on to your competitor’s website. But do not worry, it takes just a few tweaks to make your site mobile-friendly, and the Xanda team has a long history of designing websites for our clients that have increased conversions.

Unorganised Content Layout

Readable content gives the reader a clear view of the product or services offered by your business. Guide the eyes of visitors through your page to avoid putting them in a state of confusion. Try to pay close attention to the fonts, colour, and the way they are laid out on each page. Choose eligible and attractive fonts for your website and always try to update and upload content regularly, particularly focusing on long-tail keywords. If you need consultation on how to do this, get in touch with us. 

Lack of Unclear Call To Action (CTA)

A CTA is a gateway to your business since it guides visitors on the next step to take, if you are getting a lot of traffic and the majority of them are not converting, then something is wrong. If visitors/ clients are not buying your product or signing up for a free trial, that means you are not steering your visitors well. Your CTA needs to be clear and straight to the point, tell users exactly what to do. Use CTA such as; “Get started”, “yes, sign me up”, “get in touch today”, “Buy now” and many more.

Poor Website Design and Navigation

A poorly configured menu and navigation layout are some of the main mistakes a web design agency performs. An improper navigational structure can send visitors away, remember people have more choices than ever, so if your website is not offering the elements they want, that will move to your competitors’ site. 

Avoid this by making the navigational aspects of your websites easy to understand and even easier to notice.

Disruptive Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are helpful to your business, it helps in grabbing the attention of visitors, showcasing your brand, improving the conversation rate. But at the same time, if these pop-ups are not well managed, they will disorient visitors’ experience. Avoid this by allowing only one pop-up at a time or using lightweight boxes.

Your pop-up should appear once the visitor has spent at least 30 seconds on your site. It could either pop up once they have scrolled halfway down your page. Do not forget that the user should have the possibility to close a pop-up by clicking anywhere on the screen.

Weak Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is an excellent tool for your website’s ranking on Google. It tells you how well you are doing in terms of ranking and positioning. A poorly designed website is not only caused by poor front-facing experience but the content that generates leads and breaks traffic. Create content that provides exceptional value to your business.

Nevertheless, to hone your SEO, focus on long-tail keywords, post quality content regularly, and encourage social engagement.

With all these things to juggle as a business owner, we recommend you consider hiring a professional web design agency to assist you. 

You can count on Xanda, a professional web design and digital marketing agency to help fix these common mistakes so your business can strive for perfection. We will ensure to generate leads for your business by providing an optimal user experience.

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