The online world has revolutionised the way businesses operate, and it’s often difficult to understand your organic search ranking and how you can prominently feature your brand on the first page of search engines.


The Xanda team are here to help! Take a look at our 4 top tips to help improve your organic search position:


1. Get your link juice flowing

Link building is an essential part of improving your organic search ranking and any SEO plan. You need to have links on good quality websites which are contextual to your company. There are different ways to build these links, some examples are:
• Create internal links to relevant pages wherever possible on your own website, adding more links to those pages you want to rank higher.
• Find relevant websites or blogs to feature your links – as an example if you are selling tennis rackets, then you should get this featured in blogs dedicated to tennis, tennis equipment and so forth. Featuring on a football blog will be of no relevance and will not be that helpful as a backlink.

2. Add regular content updates with cornerstone pieces

Making regular content updates on your site, adding new optimised content is important in order for your website to be crawled and indexed. Add strong cornerstone content, the content on your website that you are most proud of, they are well written and resonate with your brand and image. You should be selective with your choice of cornerstone content – as this will be how you acquire the majority of your organic traffic. Think ‘if I am a customer visiting the website for the first time, which content would I want to see?’

Which content should I chose?

You should pick 4 – 5 pieces of content that you are most proud of. The content should be authoritative and insightful to the reader, a piece that truly places you as an industry expert to the audience – a trustworthy source on the topic.
Each cornerstone piece should be optimised for specific Keywords you want your company to rank highly for. As an example, if you are a Pizza shop in north London, you would want to rank highly for search terms such as:

• North London Pizza
• Pizza Shop in North London

Your corner stone piece should be articles such as ‘Make Your Own Unique Pizza in North London’ and so forth.

3. Make your keyword prominent

For your page to feature in the organic search listing, the keyword density needs to be between 1-2.5%. Other important factors to implement:
• Place the keyword in the title and as close to the front as possible
• Include the keyword in the URL
• Put the keyword in the first and last paragraphs, use keyword variations
• Include H2, H3, H4 headers within your copy where relevant
• Write engaging meta-descriptions

4. Focus on the word-count

This can be tricky when you’re trying to write SEO specific content, a rule of good practice is to have as a minimum 300 words for each blog post. At Xanda we aim for between 300 – 500 words but with the keywords implemented as seamlessly and unobvious as possible. If you write a longer blog post, make sure to include the most important information in the first few paragraphs otherwise you risk losing the visitors attention.

Want to improve your Organic Search Ranking?

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