A/B testing is a secret weapon which should be used by businesses if they want to be more successful. In case you’re thinking, “How can it be secret when it is already used for political campaigns?” While a lot of people are talking about it, most companies don’t make use of it. The real secret lies behind the fact that it will positively affect your marketing strategy by shifting your business conversations from “we think” to “we know”, therefore, making more efficient data-backed decisions that will surely increase your ROI.

What is A/B Testing

It is sometimes tricky to know exactly which elements of your marketing campaign works best with a specific market. The huge size of the market, coupled with other variables make this task difficult. This is where A/B testing comes in. A/B Testing or split testing is the creation and the comparison of two or more variations of a webpage or app in a bid to determine which provides better results. Said differently, it is an experiment used to determine how different website visitors react to different variations of a webpage or app. For example, are prospective clients more likely to click on a button saying “buy now for 50% off” or “order now for free shipping.”

Benefits of A/B Testing

1. Data-backed decisions

There are lots of hypotheses which are taken into account during a marketing campaign. A/B testing these hypotheses helps you to be sure you are using the strategy that works best- it takes the guesswork out of marketing. For example, you might think that benefit-driven titles are more likely to get your visitors to click on your blogs and explore your website. This might push you to act accordingly. The problem, however, is that you are not sure, and for all we know it might be curiosity-driven headlines that are more engaging. A/B testing these hypotheses will help you know the right option.

2. Reduced risks and increased sales

Marketing campaigns often involve major decisions which are often costly or require significant revisions. Going ahead with such decisions without knowing if it yields positive results could be catastrophic. A/B testing helps you examine customer behaviour which will significantly improve your chances of making the right decision. This means you will be targeting your resources on strategies you know will work, thereby, avoiding unnecessary risks. At the end of the day, your goal is to increase your sales, that’s what you get with split testing- reduced risks, improved content engagement, more customer conversion and more.

Understanding customer behaviour and knowing how to get a target audience engaged is one of the primary goals of an online marketing campaign. A/B testing helps you to efficiently determine that. Contact us for more information.