YouTube generates 92 million page views in each month and drives a tremendous amount of traffic to blogs and websites. So it’s no surprise that it is the second biggest search engine in world after Google. It’s users upload 400 hours of video content every single minute and YouTube offers ways to help monetize the content resulting in more views.

 YouTube has its own algorithm to rank uploaded content. However, even if you buy non-organic traffic; it cannot guarantee that you will rank higher organically. A well-known fact that affects high ranking videos is view-time. If a user starts watching your content and leaves after a few seconds then your ranking will go down. Here are 5 SEO tips to help you get more organic visits to your content.

  1. Use Keywords In the Title of Your Video

The title of the video is exactly how a user will know what your video is all about. When choosing a title it needs to perfectly represent the content as it will look friendly to prospective viewers and also to YouTube’s algorithm for SEO.

  1. The Description of Your Video

The first couple of lines in your description play a critical role in your videos ranking within the search engine. You can also use Keyword phrases in your description to achieve a higher SEO ranking. Use YouTube’s auto-complete to identify the keywords that match your description.

  1. Use a Keyword when Saving the Video File

So you have created your video and ready to upload it to YouTube. But, you have saved the raw file as a random name on your device. Make sure you rename the file as one of your keywords. By doing this you are letting YouTube and the search engine know exactly what content is in your video. Search engines are not able to look inside the content but the keyword tells the algorithm about what type of content it is.

  1. Use the Closed Caption Feature on Your Videos

Using the closed caption feature gives your content a new way to get the index into a search engine because it contains keywords. In addition to this, add the closed caption transcript into the description of the video. This makes your content rich for keywords which is very friendly for search engines.

  1. Keyword Research and Tagging

Getting the keywords and key phrases correct is the most important part of SEO. Display Planner on Google Ads provides data of the most popular and regularly searched Keywords relating to your content. You can then download these into an excel sheet and paste them into your tags and description. By doing so will rank and index your video(s) higher in the search engine and significantly improve your content’s visibility.

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