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Commitment to pushing the latest technologies

We believe that continuing research, learning and development for our team is key to offering the most innovate and effective websites, and help us to work with clients to develop and grow their websites as our clients develop and grow.

Websites and web and market trends are like cars. Brand new, shiny and striking to begin with. But they age, and they age fast.

Technology advancements, faster broadband and mobile speeds and new device form factors have ripped up the rule book over recent years. If a website hasn’t been updated to make use of these, it shows. You may ask yourself if this is a bad thing, you have a website that people know, so why change it?

Most traffic to your site from non-customers will be through Google, and more specifically a results page with usually nine other competitor sites vying for the business. A customer will make a snap judgement on the first impression of your site. If it looks up to date, clear and easy to navigate, they’ll be far more likely to stay on your site. If it looks out of date or is difficult to navigate, the simplest option is to click the Back button, return to Google and click the next competitor in the list.

So how can we help with this? Every year, our team publish our web and market trends report. As we review your site either during the design or analysis phase, we’ll advise you on the latest technology, on adoption rates, on where and how customers are using the internet, or most likely to make online purchases.

This analysis then feeds back into our 360 degree approach to websites, giving you the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, compare your use to that of your competitors and, where appropriate, implements some of the latest technologies from the web and market trends to keep you relevant and up to date.

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