Ever had a ‘creative block’ when it comes to social media content ideas?

With the need to post regularly across social channels as part of your content strategy, it really can be a struggle to decide what to post sometimes. This blog will map out a few social media content ideas that can help you with your content planning, attract audience engagement, and keep content fresh and trendy!

  • Posting daily, weekly or monthly topics on your social channels can be a great way to encourage social media engagement or educate your followers, whilst also providing you with a structure to your social media content ideas.
    For example, posting ‘topic Tuesdays’ on Instagram stories where you ask your followers to share their ideas on a particular topic. If you work for a company where local area positioning is crucial, for example, a London hotel, you could do weekly posts on ‘things to do in London this weekend’. You could even do ‘this or that’ questions to your followers where you encourage them to choose their ‘favourites’ on a particular topic, for example, a restaurant business could do this to understand their followers’ favourite dishes!
  • In the modern marketing world video performs. Often it is thought that video is a long-winded task, however, there are different forms of video and some can just take a few seconds to shoot. One great social media content idea is to post ‘bite-sized’ video clips, these are short creative clips to keep your followers entertained. View the Instagram of Dominoes and Starbucks for great examples of this.
  • Another great form of video is ‘how-to’ tutorials. This is because online users now don’t just look to blogs to be educated, so this is something we can utilise on our social platforms. Who doesn’t love a food tutorial video? For a great ‘how-to’ example check out Mob Kitchen!
  • Instagram Reels are now a new trend, similar to TikTok, these short 15 second clips are tailored to entertain. With ranges of content from humorous content, food content, fashion content, or more you will most definitely be able to capture the attention of your followers! Learn everything you need to know about Instagram Reels here.
  • Creating a seasonal calendar is a great starting point for social media content ideas. You may want to research awareness and seasonal calendar dates and use them as a hook for your social media. For example ‘Veganuary’ or Halloween.
  • Inspirational quote posts have been working well recently, particularly posts on a positive mindset. Check out an example from the fashion brand Pretty Little Thing!
  • When thinking of social media content ideas, influencer posts should definitely come to mind. This form of posting is very popular and a great way to build an online community. Often influencer posts are also incredibly visually aesthetic and are nice assets to post on social!

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