The best marketing strategies connect and combine offline and online campaigns. And most successful businesses practice both marketing strategies to help generate leads, boost sales, create greater brand exposure, connect you’re messaging between every point of contact you present and have a greater Return On Investment (ROI). 

Offline marketing has tons of opportunities to maximise your internet growth. Below we pay tribute to the offline marketing strategies that still do a great job today.

1. Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagement puts you in front of highly targeted and interested audiences that are already primed and ready to pay attention to what you have to say. Word of mouth engagements is a tremendous marketing opportunity for several reasons. It creates a long-lasting impression with clients/audience and portrays a visual representation of your business. Speaking engagements are also a great way to build credibility and establish thought leadership within your firm. 

Face-to-face or virtual connections continue to play a valuable role in networking. When you attend helpful events, introduce yourself and network with others. Ensure you choose your opportunities wisely. Seek out associations or organisations to which your target audience belongs. The relationships you build could help move the marketing dial elsewhere.

2. Business Cards

Business cards give prospects a reason to engage with your brand multiple times because the printed information on a business card is permanent. It may be easier to forget a website you randomly visited for the first time but with a card, it can always take you back to that website. You can share your business cards out to neighbours and businesses, pin them to public bulletin boards, slip them into relevant books or magazines at the doctor’s office, and more. With it, individuals can easily enter your domain name or contact information into their mobile devices when they need your services. Create a great first impression by choosing a business card design that reflects your business because it holds huge potential.

3. Communicate with Print Publications

Utilising press releases is a way to showcase your business and the right publication could land you valuable attention. Write and submit a magazine article or newspaper that targets your audience and mention your website as an additional resource. These printed publications give you a competitive offline marketing strategies edge since they’re visually engaging and target a specific population. 

4. Radio and TV Advertising Strategy

Looking for other offline marketing strategies to expand sales, try using radio and TV advertisements. People watch tv and listen to radio programs daily, making it a suitable option to consider. Remember to choose a station that targets your demographic, and mention how you can serve your audience through your product or service. Do not forget to clearly outline your call-to-action (CTA). All the offline outlets should point to your online presence which will eventually invite them to follow you on social media or visit your website.

5. Conferences & Meetings

Hosting a meeting or conference might take a lot of time, but its benefit is worth it. It gives you the chance to talk to your customers, clients, and other professionals in your field on a proper one-to-one basis. So whether you’re in the arts and crafts niche or serve B2B clients, impact something new to your audience. If it’s a conference, make it interactive and engaging that your prospects will want to get more one-on-one support from you. At the end of the day, your business brand reputation will gain a substantial boost and it will give you the chance to direct them to your online pages.

Meanwhile, it might be a great type of content for your web pages that can be beneficial for the users and increase the time on the page.

6. Attending Trade Shows

You don’t need to be a large or well-recognised company to attend a trade show. Trade shows are great offline marketing strategies that provide brands with the opportunities to network with both prospective buyers and other industry leaders. They are also an ideal place to distribute your print materials and explore the possibility of becoming a future featured speaker. Attend trade shows events that match your business because the people there will be influencers of some sort, and this will help your message and brand to spread.

7. Sponsored Events / Donate Gift Certificates or Products as Prizes

The other offline marketing strategies that support your online brand are the sponsoring of events, donating gift certificates, or giving out products as prizes. By offering your product or service as the prize for a local contest, you can build visibility for your business while showing your commitment to the community. And if your business provides services, you can donate a gift certificate for a four-hour repair to a local non-profit organisation. They may announce your branded prize to a room full of sponsors. 

Adding sponsorship to your marketing strategy will benefit your business in the long run because when you sponsor an event, you are raising brand awareness and building your authority. The attendees, especially media men, will spread the word about your brand.



An effective marketing strategy takes advantage of both online and offline initiatives to create a well-rounded, multi-faceted approach. You do not have to choose between offline and online marketing strategies. Combining the two can increase your business visibility and, at the same time, attract more attention to your online brand.

These tips range widely in cost and effort, but they can each impact your bottom line and mix up your marketing efforts.