By now, you should be able to appreciate the importance of establishing an online presence for your business.

It doesn’t end there though. Why?

Because your competitors, as well as a myriad of online platforms, already have a head start creating a vast sea of information in a bid to attract visitors. This means you are already fighting an uphill battle for the most precious and already-depleting online mineral- users’ attention.

The silver lining is that the right website design agency can help you leverage key online tools that will make your business to stand out and get your visitors’ attention.
We can hear you whispering, “Will it really matter if the superior quality of my products/services can speak for themselves?”

Well…how will visitors appreciate your high-quality products if you can’t keep them for five seconds on your site? Or how would they even reach your site in the first place? Let’s hold a magnifying glass into that.

How the Right Website Design Agency Can Help Your Business

1. Improve your SEO strategy

One of the main goals of search engines, like Google, is to act as matchmakers.

They use bots to crawl through the web and gather information from site to site. They then utilise complex algorithms to analyse the pages based on a number of factors and rank them in order- starting with the best possible match for the searcher.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it is the process of improving your website (making it more attractive) such that search engines (the matchmakers) increase your ranking for relevant searches (make you more visible to potential partners).

Getting a web design agency to improve your SEO strategy won’t just help you have more random visitors, it will increase the number of visitors that are actually looking for you and those who need your products/services.

2. Win the first impression battle

Thanks to a great SEO strategy, the bells of your website can’t stop ringing. Your next goal is to keep your new visitors on your site.

In fact, the reality is that you have just a few seconds to elicit a good first impression and retain users to your site.

Why is that important? Because your website gives visitors the first impression of your business, and that mirrors upon your products and services.

If your website is bland, unappealing or outdated, it immediately creates a negative impression of your business and your visitors will rush to your competition.

Just like a chef who knows how to balance various flavours for food to taste good and keep a restaurant full, a website design agency knows how to make your website to be visually appealing and win the first impression battle that will help retain your visitors, taking them from their initial visit to completing an order.

3. Build trust and convert leads into loyal customers

Your end goal is to sell your products/services. Visitors don’t trust poorly designed websites. And if your website does not convey trust, it means you can’t meet that end goal.

The right web design company for your business can completely transform your website in a way that builds trust with your audience and turns them into permanent customers.

The website transformation is multidimensional, it is not just restricted to the aesthetic appeal of the site. It also includes making the site more user-friendly on various devices, making the various buttons more accessible and having the menus in the right places.

All these changes contribute to reducing your bounce rate (the proportion of users leaving your website without taking action), hence increasing your customer base.

As mentioned above, user attention is a valuable commodity in the online world.  Wondering why Xanda is the right website agency for your business?

Because we were able to retain your valuable attention for this long. And if we can do that, what is to say we can’t do the same to your visitors and help convert them into loyal customers?

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