Google not too long ago released the most recent edition of its flagship IDE, Android Studio 3.2, which came with a good number of valuable features for mobile app developers such as a new What’s New assistant to inform programmers of the newest changes, a new app publishing format and an improved emulator etc. The update was announced in May during Google’s IO developer conference. Android Studio 3.2 is recommended by the company as the IDE for building the previously mentioned publishing format, called Android App Bundle. Below are some features you want to focus on.

Android App Bundle

This is almost certainly the most important feature for developers. The Android App Bundle is the new app publishing format which permits developers to publish APKs with smaller sizes. After creating your app bundle with Android Studio and uploading it to Google Play, you will be able to deliver smaller and optimized apps to your users. After using this new feature, some early adopters have experienced between 11%-64% in app size savings.

Energy Profile

This is another great feature to be introduced by Google. The company is constantly looking for ways to enhance the battery life of android phones and this is where the Energy Profiler comes in. This new feature comes with some tools that will provide accurate stats to developers which will help them enhance the energy impact of their apps on android phones. This will help developers to ensure their apps are using the necessary amount of energy.

Emulator Snapshots

This feature helps developers to quickly take a snapshot of the existing state of your emulator which consists of the current state of the apps, screen, and settings. You will be able to boot into emulator snapshot in less than 2 seconds. This is a game changer for app developers as they will be able to test apps with certain presets.

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