Most modern businesses understand that an online presence is non-negotiable. Some will try to cut corners and do it themselves but if you decide to get a professional to build your site, there are many factors to take into consideration which will determine the price of the finished product.

Not only is there a huge choice of companies and freelancers who can build or re-build your website, there is also a vast difference in the website cost depending on which one you choose.

So if you decide to commission a website, what is it that you are paying for?

A skilled designer will know how to capture your business’s brand and effectively convey it to potential customers. A good website isn’t just about how it looks to the user, instead it should clearly communicate your brand while being simple, clean and easy to use.

  • Components

There are many different types of technologies available which will impact on how you want your website to appear and be used by your clients. Depending on whether you want the latest technological trend or unusual features, the components of the site can all impact on the cost.

  • Skills

A web designer may have spent many years learning their trade and honing their craft. The benefits of paying more for well gained design expertise far outweigh the costs. Choosing the cheapest option is not always the best option.

Your website needs to be well tested to ensure that it works on all devices and browsers. There are so many different types of technology available these days that it is important for a designer to spend time developing the site so that it complies for anyone wanting to use it.

  • Content

The content of the website is key to keeping your potential clients on your website. Poor content will lead to reduced revenue as clients feel they are unable to trust the site.

  • Strategy

Web designers not only build the site but help devise an online strategy for your business and continue with the maintenance of the site long after it has been handed over to the client.

  • Tactics

Once your website it up and running you will be able to see which areas you may need to improve on. A web designer will give you advice on how to increase your traffic, achieve higher conversion rates or apply different marketing strategies.

Here at Xanda our aim is to offer a bespoke service to advise and help you understand exactly what it is that your business requires out of a website. Once we have agreed a course of action with you, we will put together a proposal with detailed specifications, pricing and an estimated delivery time. Basic websites can cost as little as £1,500.

Watch the video to learn more, or get in touch to discuss the website you need for your business, by calling 0208 44 44 757 or visiting our Contact Us page.