Are you ever left wondering why your website isn’t converting enough leads or sales?

Many people think that by having a website it will bring them a steady flow of sales, however in the immortal quote from Wayne’s World: “If you build it they will come” – for websites and the billions of competing online pages, this is never the case.

To help, in our latest video and blog we explore the 7 common Website Design mistakes that people make with their website:

  1. Its Appearance…

The first thing you should aim to do is catch the users eye, the first few seconds are crucial. This is your opportunity to showcase what you offer and to entice the user. If your website is dated and dull the user will immediately click off it and find something else, so, the first action you should take is a re-design or to keep it cheap simply add some eye catching imagery and colours.

  1. Out of date content

Having out of date content and contact information is extremely bad as, every customer will want to research your products or services and if that information is incorrect or you haven’t updated it, you could face losing that sale.

  1. Is your website mobile optimised?

What we mean by mobile optimisation is, the ability for your website to fully function in every aspect on a mobile. 2015 was the first year in history that more traffic is being generated through a mobile than a PC, and this gap is only going to get greater as the years go by.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For your website to be recognised on Google it must be SEO optimised. SEO requires significant time spent researching best practices and the ever-changing rules about how Google, Bing, and Yahoo index the web. SEO is not just related to setting good content, tags, keywords, meta-data, image alt tags, site map, etc. It also includes eliminating duplicate content, having crawlable site architecture, efficient load times, intelligent back linking, etc. You should think about SEO from the moment you start building your website, or you might find that completing your SEO implementation project means rewriting part of your website and it’s content. 50% of online traffic comes from search engines so, SEO can’t be ignored.

  1. Unique Selling Points

A lot of companies don’t identify their USP correctly or effectively. Your unique selling point is what makes you different from your online competitors. This needs to be shown quickly and concisely so the user doesn’t lose interest or look for another company.

  1. Call to actions

Lastly, poor use of call to actions. Call to actions are the buttons you want and need your user to click on for example, contact us, buy now or download our brochure. The best way to influence someone to click on your call to actions is to make them stand out by adding colour, imagery or bold titles.

  1. Dedicated Product and Services Pages

Always make sure your products and services pages have enough detailed content on them so the user can be reassured that they’re buying from the right people.

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