Below are the reasons why voice search seems to be the next frontier of search:

  1. Voice Assistants adoption is growing;
  2. 40% of Voice Assistant users started using it only 6 months ago, which is a sign that the “early adopters” phase seems passing testimony to the “mainstream users” phase;
  3. Already 20% of mobile queries are Voice Search;
  4. The primary setting for voice search is our home (followed by our car), according to a KPCB study;
  5. Already in 2014, Google was reporting that the biggest percentage of voice search users were teens. Those teens are growing, getting jobs, and becoming parents;
  6. Amazon sold about 5 million Amazon Echo in the last two years, and Amazon reported that “Echo Dot and Echo Tap, two smaller and cheaper versions of the traditional Echo device, accounted for at least 33 percent of sales in the past six months” (source: Geekwire).

Source: Moz

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