Struggling to come up with ideas for your tweets? Find some of the ways to tweet below:

  • Run a Twitter Poll. You can run a Twitter poll for up to seven days. Once it’s live, you can see the results in real time for instant insights. Consider your poll question carefully to attract the interest of and engagement with relevant followers. Ask influencers in your community to take the poll and retweet it, if it’s relevant to their work (so they would be intrigued to find out the results). Once the poll is over, tweet the results. Including your expert opinion with the poll results shows authority in your area.
  • Link to select content or company news. Links in tweets provide invaluable web traffic opportunities and map a journey for your Twitter followers to read more about your business. Links with tweets also perform significantly better and get a much higher number of retweets. Another tip is to put your link in the middle of your tweet, which makes it 26% more likely to get retweeted than if you put it at the beginning or end.
  • Join the discussion on a Trending Story. Monitor trends on Twitter and think about how your company can add value to a story, a tactic called “newsjacking.” What’s notable about trends is that they’re based on your location and whom you follow.
  • Tag influencers you mention in content. If you’re producing premium content as part of your social media marketing, consider tagging people or other brands mentioned in that content on Twitter. It’s a great way to increase reach through retweets, @mentions, quote tweets, and DMs.
  • Post Native Video. Twitter has extended its native video duration to 140 seconds, giving you more time to engage followers. Consider having a daily or weekly video feature with a tip of the day or a company/product update that people expect. You could also record short videos while attending an event.

Source: Social Media Examiner

For more tips on how to add variety to your Twitter feed and increase your follower count, reach and engagement, please get in touch.