Social Media is now part of the fabric of modern everyday life and now shouldn’t be considered an enemy in the nature of a business crisis. News can spread like wildfire on it so seconds count but brands don’t necessarily need to pull the plug on their social media channels. They provide instant real-time views which can allow brands to identify and analyse the most important and relevant signals in the wider digital noise.

In the United Kingdom alone there are over 44 million daily active social media users which is 70% of the entire population. So, if a brand is prevailing with its social media campaigns then that can be great exposure. But, do things go from bad to worse when a crisis happens? During a crisis when the nation’s eyes are glaring at your brand, user’s reactions and customer complaints can circulate extremely quickly on social media often becoming rolling news. However, the insights and data that brands can look at during a crisis can be the strategic tool that can be defuse the situation, helping them to understand the context behind the crisis before making decisions and acting. Knowing the facts behind a pending crisis is important but acting with knowledge is much more essential than just acting quickly.

It’s easy to be a little bit intimidated by the pace of social media but when it is used properly it can help brands identify a potential crisis and sound the alarm bells early, keep their reputation intact and defuse the crisis before it escalates. It can be a great PR tool and helps brands to stay of the ahead of the situation.

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