The internet age has brought with it a completely new way of searching for information and parting with our cash. A survey revealed that 85% of the world’s population now shop online.

With so much consumer power on the internet today, it is more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to have an online presence in order to compete in their industry.

Here we take a look at 8 reasons why your business needs a website:

1. Cost

Having a website is a great way of advertising your brand while simultaneously acting as a sales ambassador for your business. When you take into account the costs of traditional advertising techniques and employing someone to generate sales and leads, a website is an incredibly cost effective way of managing both of these strategies.

2. First impressions

When new clients visit your website you have complete control over their first impression of your business. If the impression is a good one this will inevitably lead to more sales.

3. Availability

Consumers can now shop whenever they want so it is vital that your business maximizes any potential returns from out of hours trading by having a website. Your website is on call 24-7, marketing your business in the biggest market place in the world while you sleep while allowing customers to reach you at their convenience.

4. Reach

In this technological age businesses can easily reach consumers over a much further geographical reach meaning that you are able to expand your business and increase your customer base. Your customers will be able to engage with you while they are on the go from anywhere in the world.

5. Showcase

A website is the perfect medium to showcase your products, services and key brand messages. Including a gallery or portfolio as well as testimonials demonstrates exactly what makes your business unique.

6. Brochure

Your website also acts as a brochure for consumers, providing important information about your business and answering frequently asked questions. This relieves some of the pressure from staff as they can direct queries to your website.

7. Competition

It is safe to say that most, if not all of your direct competition are online. Having a website enables your business to compete for those sales.

8. New business

Your website should generate new business, leads and sales and be the hardest working PR Executive and number one Salesperson on your team.

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