Is your website holding you back?

Your website is your online identity and the first port of call for many of your potential clients. A user friendly new website utilising the latest technology is essential in gaining credibility with your clients and increasing your revenue so it is vital that you keep your website fresh and relevant in order to keep up with the competition. As technology is changing so rapidly it may well be that your website is already out of date, so what are the signs that you need to invest in a new one?

Watch the video below or read on for our six signs…

  1. Your site traffic is not converting into sales

Your website should be your hardest working sales representative, so if you are finding that hits are not translating into sales it is possible that prospective customers are either unable to find the product they are looking for, or are receiving a negative first impression of the site. Redesigning the site in order to appeal to your target market addresses both usability and branding issues simultaneously.

  1. Your website is hard to find

SEO used to mean cramming in as many key words into your content as possible. These days it’s more important to focus on high quality, original content in order to stay up to date with changing search engine algorithms. Many searchers do not look past page one of their search query so it is vital that your site reflects the current algorithms in order for your business to compete.

  1. Your site is not compatible with mobile phones

According to a study undertaken by Ofcom ( smartphones have now overtaken laptops as the UK internet users’ number one device. So it is crucial that your website is easily viewable from any device in order to avoid losing customers to a competitor with a more accessible website. Upgrading your site either to a mobile responsive website, or with mobile specific design, will mean that your products are more likely to be seen.

  1. You can’t update the site easily

It’s important to keep your content new and relevant, however if you need to enlist the assistance of a web developer to edit the code each time then perhaps it is time to get a content management system (CMS). Once your site is on a CMS you will be able to easily make content updates to your site without needing to have a lot of coding knowledge.

  1. Your site has out of date content

Web design is a huge market with rapidly changing trends, so even if your website is only a couple of years old the content may already appear outdated. Consumers will judge your business based on the quality of your website and so keeping your content relevant and fresh is key, particularly as Google ranks refreshed content much higher. Today’s trends use simple, clean and easy to navigate content and technology which help your business gain credibility with clients and ensure you stay one step ahead of the game.

  1. FLASH

Once upon a time Flash dominated the internet. However with the rise of CSS3, Javascript plugins and HTML5 Flash is now of a bygone era. Flash is difficult to maintain and users must install the latest plugin which detracts from the consumer experience. Furthermore, most Apple products do not support Flash and search engines are not able to read it which is not helpful for your search engine optimisation. Ensuring that your existing and potential clients have a great user experience could mean more revenue for you, so it is essential that your website reflects the latest technology such as HTML5.


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