Video marketing is both the present and future, this is why every brand or company that wants to enjoy success needs to use this powerful tool to its fullest potential. It is quite easy to understand why video is so popular today — to begin with, it is a more entertaining and less stressful option for consumers to digest information compared to its textual counterpart. This probably explains why we reportedly watch 1 billion hours of YouTube social video per day and why YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google.

But consumers are not the only ones enjoying this great tool, marketers also love it because it provides a good return on investment given that it is an attractive and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences. Still in doubt? These are 3 reasons you should join the video marketing train.

1. Helps Build Trust

Building a trustworthy relationship with your audience is crucial because it is the foundation of conversions and sales. And that is one of the main objectives of video marketing- building long-lasting relationships based on trust. A good number of people are sceptical about buying products online because they fear scams. A good video marketing strategy helps solve this issue by creating an emotional connection with your brand.

2. Video is Exploding on Social media

It is impossible to ignore the impact of social platforms in recent years. Add video to that, and you’ve got a powerful marketing duo. Why? Because 48% of people said they are more likely to share a video with friends ahead of any other type of content. And the social opportunities are growing on a daily basis through various platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. In addition to this, Facebook notes that “many creators who post videos on Facebook prompt discussion among their followers, as do posts from celebrities.” This means videos generate high engagement and interactions.

3. Increased Conversions

Last but probably the most important reason is that video marketing converts more customers. According to recent research, 79% of people said they were convinced by a brand’s video to buy a piece of software or app and 68% of people said they prefer to learn about a product or service through a video. In addition, videos also increase conversions by keeping people for longer periods on websites.

It is important to note that video marketing will play a bigger role in the nearest future as 5G networks are rolled out, thereby, improving the rate at which videos are consumed. Hiring the right digital marketing agency, therefore, becomes a necessity. Get in touch with us for more information.