Despite evidence that an online presence is significantly important for small businesses, almost half of small businesses either do not have a website or only dedicate 20% or less of their marketing budget to digital marketing. [Source]

This may be because business owners do not want the expense or hassle of being online or they do not feel that it is relevant to their business, but it is safe to say that these days having a website is as important as having a professional business card, whatever type of business you are in.

What the results of this survey tell us is that there is a 50% chance that your competition is already selling online, in which case you need to keep up and create an online shop facility, or there is a 50% chance that they aren’t selling online, in which case you need create an online shop facility to meet that need.

Either way, an online shop is fundamental. Without one, your business may well fall behind on SEO and conversion rates which will have a knock on effect on your overall business growth.

Some key factors to remember in setting up an online shop:

  • Lower start-up costs than opening a physical shop
  • Make money while you’re sleeping – having an online shop means that your brand is open for business 24/7
  • Changes can be made on the fly
  • Reach a much wider audience and keep up with the competition
  • Keep your stock and promotions up to date
  • Synch the shop with online messaging so that you are immediately aware of any sales or enquiries
  • Measure your online marketing results to improve and change your marketing campaigns

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