If you have been in the software development field for some time now then you would know it is a very dynamic field. New and highly requested programming languages can become very popular and fade away after a short time. It is for this reason that developers need to constantly learn new skills and make sure they are updated about recent trends so as to remain relevant. 

One of the best ways to choose the best programming language to learn for 2019 is by paying attention to the market. If you pay attention to the market, you will be able to know the trending programming language for the year 2019. This, therefore, is a practical and objective evaluation of the current trends and safe predictions of the IT industry at the start of 2019. This review is based on data gotten from several reliable sources.

The goal of this guide is to help you make a well-informed decision about the languages which the IT market is focusing on in 2019. It will certainly help you to know which niche you will need to focus on so as to start or continue a successful software developer career.


According to StackOverflow’s annual survey, about 62.5% of participants are using JavaScript, making it the most popular language based on this survey. It is, without doubt, the most prominent language on the web and its popularity has greatly increased over the years. Having any doubts? Just take a quick look around and count the number of web-enabled devices you see. Jeff Atwood, Stack Overflow’s co-founder, famously said: “Any application that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript.” That been said, be rest assured that they will be no lack of JavaScript opportunities in 2019. So if you want to become a software developer or have a successful career, you can’t ignore this language.


Swift is quite new compared to other languages, it was released in 2014 by Apple. This language is used to develop native iOS or macOS apps and it is considered by many to be an improvement with functionality and overall performance when compared to Objective-C. Developers love to use this language. If you are thinking about a career with Swift, chances are you are going to love it. It is also a lucrative career if you plan to get into mobile development since iOS apps are generally more profitable than Android apps.


Python is a popular general-purpose programming language which can be found almost anywhere today. Python is used for web development, scientific computing, as a support language for developers, machine learning and data mining. Python is used by big companies like Google and NASA. If you are a beginner, this is a good choice for you, because it is easy to read and understand.

That concludes the list of the top 3 languages you should consider for 2019.

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