Even if you have a well-designed website, that doesn’t mean you should leave it untouched all year long. Special events and holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and others are great opportunities to give your site a small facelift to represent those seasons, events and holidays and what’s important to your business and your customers at various times of the year.

Seasonal web design not only makes your site visually appealing. It also shows that your website is active, dynamic and fresh. So rather than having a straightforward theme all year round, seasonal design elements help you to resonate with your audience on a personal level.

Besides that, seasonal design can also help you to increase sales by creating a sense of urgency. You can use different elements and colours to direct visitors’ attention to the products on offer and convey the message that if they don’t hurry, they’ll miss out.

There are lots of ways to create subtle changes without turning your site design into a cliché. Below are some of them:

  • Revamping your logo. It gives your business an even stronger presence during the holidays and it also allows you to connect with customers through the shared spirit of the holiday season.
  • Updating menu buttons. For example, you could change the colour of your buttons or add a highlight to the “Holiday” part of your navigation menu. If you’re also running a seasonal sale, you can also add an extra button to point customers to your special offers.
  • Banners. A banner on the homepage can also help to draw visitors’ attention to your special offers and discounts. If you’re not running a sale, you can simply use the banner to wish visitors Happy Holidays.
  • Images. If you don’t have the time or resources to revamp your entire site, a simple idea would be to add a few holiday-themed images that include your products. For example, you can show your products under a Christmas tree or arrange them next to holiday ornaments.
  • Colours. You may be thinking about using a different colour scheme for the holiday season. If you’re looking for a more “wintery” feel, you can go with cool tones such as blue, green or purple. Then again, you can always go with the classical festive colour – red.
  • Other small decorations. You can add simple decorations like a few snowflakes in the header or footer, a Happy Holidays note in the header, or a string of lights around your logo. That can be enough to welcome visitors and let them know you’re joining the celebrations.

Source: 123 Reg

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