Read about some of the most recent Facebook changes you should be aware of:

  • Facebook is changing the way it ranks stories in the News Feed, adding and updating signals to its ranking algorithm. The goal is to start showing users more authentic content by cutting down on posts that are “misleading, sensational or spammy.”
  • Facebook business pages now feature three vertical columns and appear more like a traditional desktop website. The left-side navigation is replaced with tabs that can be customized for your business’s messages, and the cover photo is now less cluttered, standing alone at a larger size.
  • Facebook debuted six new Facebook Live tools and features that publishers should find helpful. Among them: Pages can go live via browsers. You can appoint live contributors to stream on your Page’s behalf. You can highlight comments.
  • Facebook is reportedly testing new mid-roll video ads. These ads will be triggered after a Facebook user has watched a video for 20 seconds. In addition, the new mid-roll ads will only appear during Facebook videos that have a running time of at least 90 seconds.

Source: SearchEngineJournal

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