LinkedIn recently added a new feature to its platform called LinkedIn product pages. The aim of the LinkedIn product page is to help businesses generate high-quality leads and build a trusted community around their products. Over the years LinkedIn has been a valuable site for B2B marketers, and if your business is not yet on LinkedIn, you are missing out on accessing the largest global professional audience. LinkedIn will help you connect your business prospects to experts, and generate targeted leads.

Product pages are created only for tangible products being offered to the market, making it impossible to create a product page for any service.

These latest updates come with some changes, let’s take a look at the features of the LinkedIn product pages and how you can use this new feature to generate high-quality leads.

Features Of LinkedIn Product Pages

The diagram below shows the new features.

LinkedIn adds Products tab on company pages | TechBriefly

Source: LinkedIn

Product Overview

Share a brief overview of what your product is all about: its purpose, features, the channel of distribution, and more. Make sure the information provided is accurate and specific.

A Call to Action Button

Drive valuable users to take some specific actions. These actions are six in number, you can choose either of them: Download now, Get started, Request demo, Try now, Contact us, and Learn more.

Leverage Your Best Media

Bring your products to life by uploading pictures and videos of your products because audiences get attracted more to what they see.

Social Proof

Social proof is a type of validation that legitimizes a business in the audience’s eyes. Build social proof by spotting the various companies using your product

Users Review

Gather reliable insights into what users say about your product. These reviews enhance credibility, improve ranking and conversation.

How To Generate Quality Leads From LinkedIn

Create a Company Profile

Firstly, you will need a company page, and the procedures are simple. All you need to get started is a LinkedIn account and a verified email address. Proceed by entering the company name and product category. Then upload the product logo and an iconic picture that showcase the brand. Next is to fill the ‘about us‘ section, ensure you put the accurate information for better tracing. Do not forget to put a custom call to action (the CTA) button.

Upload Actionable Contents

Now, build brand awareness and connect with the audience by creating eye-catching and targeted content. Post frequently and try to incorporate writing articles, short videos, and images to create catchy headlines. It will draw the attention of the audience to your product.

Search for Individuals

LinkedIn allows you to search for individuals, and sometimes all you need is just one connection to create inroads that lead to sales. Once you find the individual(s), you can use the paid feature InMail to introduce yourself. There are other advanced features you can use to search.

Be Part of a Group

Last but not least is LinkedIn groups,  it allows you to connect and interact with like-minded professionals in your industry. Click on the group page, and a list of groups will show up, select the one you think has the most interactive conversation. You can also click on ‘discover’ to see new groups in your industry and request to join them.

Starting your own group is another effective way to generate leads on LinkedIn. Create your group if you can not find a community that is for your industry. The steps are pretty simple, click on the ‘create group’ button in the ‘my group’ tab, it will take you to a page where you would have to fill in all the necessary information about the group.

The LinkedIn product pages help brands to promote and grow their businesses, gives room for users to share their experiences and help clients make confident decisions about a product. With LinkedIn Product Page, you can build a trusted community of experts and advocates around a specific product!

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