The world is a fragmented place, especially online. But even more so if we are talking about social media and all of the new platforms that are launching around every single corner. On the 20th June this year Instagram announced that it has reached over 1 billion monthly active users and launched Instagram TV.

Reaching such a gargantuan numbers has also marked the beginning of a new venture, IGTV – Instagram TV. Instagram says the launch of IGTV is being driven by the evidence that younger audiences are spending less and less time watching a conventional TV that there is now the opportunity and major potential to bring the TV viewing experience to mobile.

During this initial launch period IGTV seems to be focused on building credibility and content by collaborating with influencers and mainstream celebrities to create attractive content to drive users to the platform. The BBC has also been extremely quick to jump onto Instagram TV to engage with its younger demographic. However, its not clear what commercial formats that IGTV will currently offer so the attractive element for brands currently is the potential to work with influencers and create their own content for the channel.

So the question is, how do advertisers wanting to in invest in video approach this untapped opportunity? Maybe there is too much uncertainty at this point to identify the many possibilities of Instagram TV and this may put advertisers off. But, rather than looking at the complicated landscape with uncertainty, we should embrace it and recognise that the more alternatives that there are, the more ways there are to reach your target audience and build meaningful relationships with them.

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