The digital world is taking over, the presence of social media platforms is influencing our day-to-day live and purchase decisions. To build that connection with your audiences/followers, you must have active social media engagement tactics in place. Show your followers that they count, and their opinions matter.

Social media is much more about engagement with other people than it is about sharing content. Engagement is measured depending on the platform. It looks at how social media users interact with your online content. This engagement includes: likes, comments, shares, retweets, click-through, and saved posts.

This article outlines the reasons why you should measure your social media engagement. It also looks at how to accurately measure your engagement.

Reasons Why Brands Need To Measure Engagement

Tracking the number of new audiences you get daily is essential. It will determine the growth rate of your social media engagement. It shows if it is at an increasing rate or a decreasing rate.

Track your engagement and see how many potential audiences take part in the conversation surrounding your brand. You will know by looking at how many people are looking at your post, liking, commenting, tagging you and sharing your business post.

One other reason why it is vital to measure your social media engagement is for you to track your competitors’ growth. You will see how well they are doing and the strategies they use. It could be the kind of engaging content they post. With that in mind, your business will need to re-strategize and develop content that will draw more audience attention. In the long run, turn them into loyal customers. 

How to Measure Social Media Engagement

Likes, Shares, and Comments convey a sense of your post’s performance on social media. It is common for audiences to follow your social media page when they notice you have a good number of likes, shares, and comments. It is also crucial to track the number of clicks per post you get on your social content.

Measure your audience demographics. These demographics will help you have a quick picture of your target market. You will know the continents, countries, age groups, and sex of your audiences, thereby creating content targeting them.

Looking at your audience growth rate and your active followers is also a great way of measuring your social media engagement. How often do you get new followers, and what is the standard of committed fans that interact with your business?

Use ‘Reach’ to measure the potential size of your audiences and to understand the context of your content. 

5 Points on How to Increase Your Engagement

  • Post worthy and consistent contents 
  • Be the first to engage
  • Commenting and interacting as your business.
  • Talk to people and not at them. These create opportunities for the audience to engage.
  • Use the follow-the-following technique. 

With a clear goal and targeted audience in mind, you will create a relatable and enjoyable social post that will increase your social media engagement. Now go and put these points to good use on your social channels. For more details on how we can consult you to do this effectively please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.