A team of talented staff is a great asset to an organisation, to be a part of, there are some skills you need to own. This article highlights how to start a career in a marketing agency. 

Agencies such as Xanda are looking for go-getters that set themselves apart and show their zeal for digital marketing. With these few tips we mention below, be you an inexperienced marketer, it will help you stand out from the crowd and position yourself for a successful career.

1. Online Certification Exams

Take the Google Analytics Certification Exams, it gives basic analytics knowledge useful for any marketing position. It is easy to learn and will boost your CV/resume. 

Google Adwords Certification Exam is also an excellent online certification. It will give you an added advantage over your rivals. It shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile in developing your PPC skill. 

2. Develop Special Skills

A Marketing career requires some special skills;

2.1. Writing Skills

One of the fundamental parts of marketing is content writing. It makes writing an essential part of any marketing effort. Be confident and develop the skill of writing, try writing journals, blog-post, and many more it will increase your creativity and skills.

2.2. Problem Solving Skill

Marketing professionals need good analytical skills to understand client problems and challenges. Be an excellent communicator that will present clients with possible recommendations in a different scenario.

2.3. The Ability to Work In a Team

You should develop the ability to work as part of a team. It is vital because you will be working with other marketing professionals as well as creative personnel and external suppliers.

3. Build Your Marketing Experience

Marketing agencies want candidates with marketing experience. Sometimes obtaining that experience (as a fresh graduate) might not be easy. But we advise you to always start small, build your portfolio by writing more content while waiting for the opportunity to gain experience. Also, learn from experts, discuss with big thinkers in the business world and learn from them, this will give you more credibility.

4. Get a Mentor 

Getting a mentor for career development can help you with solutions to difficult problems. They will connect you with other marketing experts and help you develop some essential marketing skills.

A marketing agency hires a candidate who has been proactive in acquiring marketing skills. Someone is who is a go-getter and a team player will always have an upper-hand in the business world. 

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