Google recently made some core updates to the phrase match, and broad match modifier (BMM), so you need to know how this PPC update will affect your digital marketing efforts. 

This change is all about combining phrase match and broad match modifier keywords to have the same matching behaviour. The phrase match will cover additional BMM while respecting word order in terms of importance to the meaning. 

By July 2021, Google plans to have this launched globally. It means we will be unable to create new broad match modifier keywords because the BMM will serve under a new behaviour. Google recommends all businesses running PPC campaigns to start developing new keywords in phrase match going forward. 

What Google Phrase Match Changes Look Like

The diagram below explains the changes:

Examples of broad match modifier and new phrase match for your digital & social media marketing

Source: Google

The phrase match keyword ‘moving services NYC to Boston’ will cover search like; ‘affordable moving services NYC to Boston’ and ‘NYC corporate moving services to Boston’ but won’t show ‘people looking to move from Boston to New York City’.

Effects of Google Ads Phrase on PPC Campaigns
Easy To Reach Relevant Customers

With the combination of phrase match and BMM, you can easily reach potential clients. It is because it relies heavily on audience targeting and tagging.

Manage Keywords in Your Account

Using the right keywords will help you reach protected clients. With these new changes and proper keyword management, you will notice traffic and cost fluctuations in your account. It also helps save time managing specific keywords.


This PPC update also affect budgets. It is mainly for accounts that allocate budget by match types or divide match types by Campaign or Ad Group.

If you need help keeping your campaign current and optimised for the best results, the Xanda team is eager to support you. If you have any questions about the latest changes, feel free to get in touch with us.