Becoming a graphic designer is a dream for many creative individuals, hence the increasing competition in this industry. Graphic design is an ever-changing industry which constantly accommodates innovations. Having good core graphic design skills might not always help you achieve the rewards you expect especially when you feel you’re producing excellent work. And so, to become a successful graphic designer in 2019, who is able to stand out above the competition, there are some key skills you will need to develop and/or improve. Below are some key skills to improve that will surely make you a great graphic designer in 2019.

Improve Your UX Design Skills

With the design industry becoming more digital, user experience (UX) design is becoming a lot more important. “Designing the part of products that people interact with is increasingly in-demand among employers,” says Strohacker. “Data has become central to many products, which has created a need for people with user interface design skills who can make those products easy for customers to use.”

Basically, the role of a UX designer is to seize every opportunity to improve other people’s satisfaction with the final product. It is not just about enhancing the looks of the end product, but also improving the general experience of users. When working on UX design, you want to think about factors that will improve user experience, for example, what colours will probably make people click? Or what can I do to keep users on the page?

Keep an Eye On New Technologies

Graphic design is an evolving industry so it is important to experiment with new technologies something that is turning out to be quite important to design agencies. Some of the new technologies to be familiar with are AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), mixed reality, and AI (artificial intelligence). It is important for graphic designers to keep an eye on innovations in such fields and think of ways they could align with the demands of a particular company.

Stretch Your Mind

If you want to be a successful graphic designer in 2019, you will need to stretch your mind and think out of the box. Contrary to other skills which demand a formal education through books or tutorials, this is more about regular practice. “It involves everything from constantly feeding our curiosity through art, poetry, architecture or being part of conversations happening in our communities, through to being involved in projects of social justice, for example,” Eckstein says. It is about embracing diversity as opposed to doing the same thing over and over.

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