Google have recently updated their mapping tool pricing structure and are now in the process of rolling out the API change which will require many users to have a dedicated Google Account. Importantly, this change will require billing card details to be added to your account to enable the Google Maps function to be displayed on websites.

For users with standard maps that don’t have any customisation we can transfer the map to an iFrame embed which remains free and does not require any account changes. For users with more advanced maps including custom icons and overlays, multiple pins, directions and distance tracking, Google will now apply a $200 credit to all accounts, which will provide between 14,000 to 100,000 impressions for free every month. Although, this will depend on the map tools being used. However, you will only pay for what you use. You can always view rates and access your spending using Google Cloud Platform Console where you are able to set daily limits to protect yourself against unexpected increases. See here for more information and pricing

With Google Maps being a ubiquitous technology the roll-out will take some time, however we recommend that users to take the opportunity to update their maps early before they are temporarily lost once Google apply the change.

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