Are you looking for ways on increasing your online sales quickly? Google Ads can do the trick by turning your ads campaigns into money. Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program that helps businesses get in front of potential clients. It makes your digital ads appear to audiences whenever they’re searching for similar businesses like yours on Google Search or maps. 

As a start-up or existing business, let’s glance at the benefits you’ll gain from using Google ads and the various ways to use them in increasing your online sales quickly.

Top Benefits of Google Ads

1. Cost and Return On Investment (ROI)

With Google Ads, you can achieve results with varying budgets, high or low. And you’ll have control over how you spend money. For small businesses, there is no minimum amount, as you can start advertising with a little amount. When comparing traditional advertising to Google ads, you’ll realise that Google ads are cost-effective, meaning you only have to pay when someone clicks your ads.

2. High Management and Control

The next benefit of Google ads is the opportunity to manage and control your ads. You will control your campaign goals, control conversation, know how much to spend, and how large your bids are. You can also stop advertising with just a press of a button. And to manage individual keywords and target audiences will all be under your control.

As the manager of your ads, you can also tell Google the worth of your average sale, and it’ll calculate your ROI directly on the dashboard. And as for businesses managing multiple Google Ads accounts, using the My Client Center (MCC) manager account will be a powerful tool that would save time. 

3. You Can Measure your Success 

Like other means of advertising, Google Ads is the fastest way in increasing your online sales quickly. Here, you’re not advertising to people who don’t want to be advertised to, but to people looking for something specific. And it is easier to measure your success with Google ads. It makes it easier for your business to know when audiences click the Ads to either make a purchase on your product, download your app, or phone in an order. 

It is fast to measure the cost on average for advertising that leads to clients, phone calls, and online purchases. You can also check how long visitors take to research your product before they buy.

4. Increase Brand Awareness

Businesses can’t make many sales if their products and services don’t reach potential clients. As much as Search Ads help you reach targeted customers, Google ads will assist in building your brand awareness online faster. The more knowledge you have of your target audiences’ behaviour, the better digital marketing strategies you will have.

5. Targeting & Remarketing 

Another benefit of Google Ads is targeting and remarketing. With Google Ads, you can target pretty much anything, on any device, in any location down. It directs your ads to reach people with specific interests, those interested in your products and services. 

Remarketing ads are also vital, advertising to those who visited your website, in this way you will increase your chances of converting them into sales. Always try to be creative when remarketing.

How to Optimise Your Google Ads

1. The Use of Negative Keywords

One way of growing online sales is by using negative keywords, they are a powerful element for your Google ads campaigns. These negative keywords help eliminate searchers that aren’t vital to your product and niche. 

Negative keywords are among the first optimization steps. It helps keep your business ROI on point, provides searchers only with relevant ads relating to their search, increases targeted traffic, and conversation rate. 

2. Test Keyword Match Types for your Campaign.

Reviewing and updating your keyword match types is vital as it gives the business greater control over when your Google Ads are triggered in search results, leading to better overall ad efficiency and returns. These negative keyword match types available in Google Ads are broad match, phrase match, and exact match.  

Always ensure to include a variety of campaigns in your Google Ads. Use different match types to suit the objective and strategy of each campaign. When you start your campaign with a broad match, it will help you get a higher reach while collecting valuable Ads data to optimize. As time goes on, you can switch to combination or exact match types to keep your campaigns highly relevant, thus increasing your conversion chances.

3. Use Longtail Keywords

The other means of increasing your online sales quickly is by using long-tail keywords. Keywords that consist of three or more words. Use the cause and reduce the competition rate of your business. Test and add these long-tail keywords to ensure you are getting targeted traffic that is likely to convert. 

Long-tail keywords are also valuable as they can lower Cost Per Click (CPC) while increasing sales. 

Along the line, look at your keywords, audit them and remove duplicates. As they impact the quality score, they also reduce the business’s budget unnecessarily.  

4. Bid with your Brand Name and your Competitors’ Brand Name

To put your business in front of potential clients, you have to use your brand name to bid. By doing this, it helps you get to the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) where you aren’t organically on the first page for your online store name.

At some point, bidding on your competitors’ brand name can be lucrative, as it helps you entice their shoppers and what you have to offer. Be strategic with competitors’ brand terms and be more specific by targeting close audiences, instead of famous brand names. 


Running a successful Google Ads campaign takes some time, patience, and a lot of testing. Do not run one ads campaign and stop, but add more campaigns with smaller segments and targeting. Also know that without an efficient optimisation strategy to help stretch budgets while increasing online sales quickly, your efforts will be in vain.

Google Ads remains one of the best ways to advertise online because it is cost-effective to gain new clients, increase revenues, and build brand awareness in the quickest way.

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