If you are reading this, chances are you have some services or products you wish to sell. Considering the fact that we live in a digitalised world, you have probably created a website for your business or you are about to do so. That’s a great start! But it is just the beginning of your marketing journey. After all, your website still needs to be found, and you still need to be able to bridge the gap between your products/services and your target audience. You need to attract prospects, build a trustworthy relationship and turn them into repeat customers. All that, and more, can be achieved with the right content marketing strategy.

What is Content Marketing?

When you hear “content marketing”, what comes to your mind? Blog posts? YouTube videos? Facebook posts? Though these represent some of the most popular types of content used today, content marketing is not just about that, as it has been around even before the Internet existed. Content marketing is really about storytelling. It is about reaching out to your target audience and telling them stories about your brand, products and services. And who does not love a good story?

Content marketing can, therefore, be defined as a long-term marketing approach which aims at creating a long-lasting relationship with a clearly-defined audience through the creation and distribution of relevant content. This marketing strategy has become more important than ever because traditional advertising is rapidly becoming obsolete. People want to feel that you value them, and so bombarding them all the time with sales pitch does the opposite. Creating high-quality content, on the other hand, is what you want to be doing.

How Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business

1. More website traffic

Consistently creating high-quality content that is relevant to your specific niche is a great way for you to be more visible in search engines. The keywords here are consistency and high-quality. Focusing on quantity alone might not help you achieve your goals. Posting quality content on a regular basis increases the number of visitors to your site, therefore, increasing website traffic.

2. Build brand image and trust

Once you have succeeded to have more website traffic, your next goal should be to convert one-time visitors into repeat visitors by building a solid brand identity and, eventually, a trustworthy relationship with the visitors. Quality content helps you to achieve this goal by consistently answering the questions of your visitors, meeting their needs and helping them make smart purchase decisions.

3. More sales

Last, but certainly, the most important benefit of content marketing is its potential to increase your sales. Selling a product is like seducing someone, you need to entice and convince the person to engage in a relationship with you  (your product). Content marketing does that by attracting potential romantic partners (visitors to your site), helping you have more dates with them (turning them into repeat visitors), and at the end, engaging into a lasting relationship (turning them into faithful customers).

Unless you have an unlimited budget and time to waste trying different marketing strategies that might not work, you might want to start with an efficient content marketing approach. Want to know how to create a content marketing strategy that will suit your specific needs? Get in touch with us to get started.