A  360º degree digital marketing plan is one that is broad and encompassing and ensures that you hit all relevant marketing touchpoints. This is crucial to creating an effective marketing strategy.

Your online plan may contain many factors, from emails to SEO to social media. But it is critical to ensure that all marketing strategies work together to reach business goals.

So what relevant marketing tactics should you consider when creating your digital marketing plan?

First and foremost you want to ensure you are doing the right research. This includes looking at your competition, their strategies, and their USP’s and using this knowledge to your advantage. You may also want to research digital marketing trends that can guide your strategy and for existing businesses, you may want to conduct a SWOT analysis.

Digital touchpoints include:

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is crucial to making your website visible to search engines, generating web traffic, and enhancing your online presence. There are plenty of tactics to consider with regards to optimising your online presence but some include Keyword Research, Content, Technical SEO – site speed, crawl errors, mobile optimisation, Backlinks, Local SEO, and more! Some tips on improving your SEO can be found here.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC ads have proven success in generating web traffic. Why? Well, indeed you are buying clicks to your website, whether this is Google or Social ads. This is a great marketing method that is recommended to be part of your digital marketing plan as it is measurable and trackable, it has incredible targeting options, it can be controlled by yourself and it accompanies other marketing goals well.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to send a message to your database, letting them know of your marketing activity and building links to your website. The great part of email marketing is that your database is already in the consideration buyer journey stage, as they chose to opt-in for your news. Using several email marketing strategies including personalisation, segmentation, and data-driven actions, you can make the most of this marketing platform to achieve your goals.


Website content is the home of your online written communication. You will want to have a strategy to write your web content alongside your established tone of voice and also considering SEO factors. You will also need to consider which visual web assets work best for your brand on your website.


Content marketing refers to story-telling and is critical to enhancing your long-term brand presence. Having a clear and consistent brand voice should guide your entire 360º strategy.

Social Media

It is with no surprise that both organic and paid Social Media is key to your digital marketing plan. Why? Through social media channels, you can reach and engage with a large audience. It is a platform to highlight your creativity and grow an online community.

All social media channels have advanced tools that can allow you to be strategic, particularly with Paid Social media. For example, Facebook Audience Insights, Facebook Pixel, and targeting options can all help you achieve results when running paid social ads.

Influencer Marketing and Digital PR

These refer to media opportunities to increase your online presence. Choosing the right influencers to work with your brand can definitely generate awareness and conversions. Whether this is through social media posting or online blogs. Working with third party media outlets for online written communication is also a great way to gain awareness of your company.


Reporting is integral to marketing, as looking at the insights and analytics of your marketing activity allows you to use these insights to make informed marketing decisions that ultimately reach the best results.

Hope you found this information useful! To discuss how we can help with implementing a 360º digital marketing plan for your business, get in touch.

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