Architecture as a Service (AaaS)

Leverage cloud-based solutions to improve your digital platforms and processes whilst reducing costs and improving agility.

Xanda’s in-house enterprise architects are responsible for the design and implementation of technical solutions to specified problems. They work closely and collaboratively with our clients to help ensure projects are well designed, developed and deployed.


The service typically includes:

Business analysis: Engaging with stakeholders to establish requirements and develop technical solutions.

Design: Technical designs and specifications for proposed solutions, including system architecture, system integration, and data flows.

Implementation: Work with the project team to guide the deployment of the solutions whilst ensuring they meet the design and objectives.

Testing: Ensuring solutions meet the requirements and technical specifications.

Documentation: Creating technical documentation, including architecture diagrams, system specifications, and technical requirements.

Client engagement: Working closely and collaboratively with stakeholders ensuring a clear and fluid channel of communication remains open.


Our Architecture as a Service provides our clients with a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable way to design, develop, and deploy applications to the cloud. Our mission is to help businesses improve their development and deployment processes and control budgets whilst improving overall performance and agility.

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